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  1. The thread is dead but anyone has a dashboard dock for konfabulator like the one was doing duckie or saladin ?? It was perfect...
  2. this... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....light=spotlight
  3. Nlite Works it's perfect i already do it !!! Thank u very much i recommend it u can create a disc with all the updates and service pack and without all programs that u don;t want like windows movie maker.... Try it www.nliteos.com
  4. I think it's awesome but i can make it works... First i don;t understand about the link or the url ... make a desktop search on google ??? what a hell is that ?? Then could someone tell me how can i do it to erase the icon? i am using object bar and it already has a button with the spotlight. Could anyone help me to configure that button with the spotlight ? :slant:
  5. Perfect !! i wll also love that ATM when it's finished ... !! [email protected] thanks !!
  6. Thanks ill search it right know... Then ill explain how to for everybody
  7. does anyone knows how to do the dashboard toolbar but for konfabulator ?? as a widget ???
  8. Damnnn the best is explorer.exe but i just can't leave the functionallity of nexplorer, like the 3 different views... Does anyone know how to do that ?? i thkn that with styler u can put the buttons but they don't function or they are not equals...
  9. Xalcore im not sure if i understood but i don't want to errase the Documents and Settings folder i want to rename the Windows and Program files folder, obviously u can't do it. I was asking if somebody know how to do it... Nightcrawler u said that duckie do it but i couldn't find any post about that, i already add duckie to the msn but i would appreciate if u have the post were he explains.... Thanks
  10. Thank you for taking your time ! I just have a question, does the thumbail, list button function ?? Like in mac osx ....
  11. I have a question... I've seen a lot of finders and tutorials but anyone has the Finder exactly as the Tiger using explorer (kabal's) ?? Fully functional all buttons including views ?? The left bar exactly as the real finder ?? I mean perfect and functional ? If yes, could u share all skins and icons to do it ??? A short tutorial will be helpful to anybody....
  12. Does anyone knows if it is possible to change Windows and Program Files folder name ?? I want to put Windows to System X like in mac and Program Files to Library, what i've done is a shortcut and then i changed the folder and the name. But if anyone could tell me how to do it with ResHacker or something like that ??
  13. Goooooooooooooooooooooood !!!! That's perfect !! Pls i want to try it can you send it to me at [email protected] ??? I will wait the official release !!
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