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  1. Hmm, the -opensc argument isn't working for me in Vista, anyone have any luck? I tried it on a shortcut, and through a dock.
  2. and all that is 64bit compatible? I was worried I'd lose all my skinning apps once I went 64bit...
  3. Axialis Iconworkshop works very well too, for changing icons within .dll's. There's a option to open in restricted mode so you can't screw up the program files.
  4. I just installed Ojalord's setup.exe, and well, I have it up and running. I can definitely see the mac-like touch. I have one problem though, There is no "ini" folder within the install Directory. I created the ini folder myself and dropped in an ini by PoulNyrup. Also, when I right click tray icon -> Open ini, nothing happens. Any suggestions?
  5. What were you looking for in Samurize? Is it a system tray widget or something? Maybe a SS will clear my confusion up =)
  6. ^^ that must be a newer version of OB. =D
  7. If it says Desktop, then maybe its changing it to whatever window your on. Try clicking on another app and see if it changes. In this case, just disable that option within the menu's behavior. If it's not changing, then it's static and you can change it's title by editing the menu's appearance.
  8. Same, you learn the most just by messing around with it. Try to see it as a template, and your just modifying stuff. Removing shortcuts/menus, etc... If you already have an idea of what you want it to look like, then find a similar theme online, then start customizing it to your need. Perhaps you can start there, and others can guide you in the small changes you'd make to it.
  9. The way ppl achieve that look is....... (at least what I do) Is change the Icons within the applications themselves. Yes, that's right, manually and individually. I don't think copying an exe will do it. TrayServer is just a service. Perhaps there is more to it, but that's how I understand it. In regards to Miranda: You can do it quite easily within the program's options. It is extremely customizable, just change the appropriate status icons. Find a copy of the Adium Icons, and use those. That'll then replace the standard system tray icons. In regards to just about every other app: Extrac
  10. EnzoFX


    Yeah, you can't let the bar be resize-able, and try limiting the width as well. Also, maybe check the alignment stuff.
  11. Best thing to do is to use OB's system tray, and not to emulate something with just shortcuts. That is, for those special apps that you absolutely need to access via system tray. Anyways, if the Icons don't suit you, you can change them manually via reshack or something. I use axialis Iconworkshop to change a few. Just replace the icons embedded in the proper exe or dll. For mac tray Icons: http://www.hollywoodgui.com/showthread.php?t=2157 (You must register)
  12. Same Issue, messing around with key-mapping software seems a bit of a hassle. Luckily my PS use is minimal. Hopefully future releases of OB can address it.
  13. Objectbar needs the process "TrayServer.exe" to be running for it to show the tray properly. Check that it is running in your processes. It probably isn't. You can re-start it by re-launching ObjectBar (Assuming it installed fine). Check the objectbar directory, there is a "close tray server" and "close objectbar" shortcuts, try clicking both, then re-launching it.
  14. Download Link broken, anyone have a working one? =D
  15. Hmm, just tried the portable version and its incredibly slow, would installing it make a diff? It was incredibly worse when I had rocketdock running.
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