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  1. Here's my setup I just recently purchase Mid-Summer 2010 Mac Pro 2.93GHz Dual 6-Core Xeon 1GB ATi Radeon 5870 6GB of Ram Two SuperDrives 2TB of HD Space Apple Magic Mouse Logitech Performance Mouse MX Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Logitech Z-5500 Apple 27" LED Cinema Display Epson Printer />http://www.youtube.com/user/34skyline?feature=mhum
  2. I just found this site and it's like myspace but for Apple users enjoy http://www.myapplespace.com/
  3. Now that I have my Federal Tax returned and my $600 Tax Bonus check I have enough to get a 30-inch LCD but I'm having a hard time to choose the right one there's so many Brands out their like Apple Cinema Display, Gatway XHD3000, Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP, HP LP3065,Samsung's SyncMaster 305T, Barco LC-3001, Eizo ColorEdge CG301W etc... if any of you have any of these display or planning to buy a 30-inch which brand are you getting and why, I really want the Apple Cinema Display to match my Mac Pro but what's holding me back on buying one is the age of the Cinema Display 4 years is way to long no
  4. I have the same wallpaper I already gave you the link on deviantart on your page looks awesome man.
  5. for leopard here the link http://dznr.org/8mat for Tiger here the link http://www.box.net/shared/pcw14otcg4 enjoy
  6. I have 2 Desktop that I like, which one you guys like
  7. This cinema display looks very similar to the iMac
  8. I got the desk at Staples for $89, it's a L shape desk but I took out one of desk parts and made it straight, the desk is made by Z-LINE Gemini "L" Collection.
  9. Finally got your Mac Pro Timan how do you like it, Borrowed my roommate 24 inch Accer until Apple release updates to their Cinema displays, I want to get a 30 inch apple cinema display but for now I just have to use my roommate display until i get my own.
  10. Dell has a new 30-inch out 3000:1 contrast ratio it's $1999, Hp 22 glossy looks nice, i'm in market to buy a display but don't know which one to get and I want a 30-inch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YePLttAPGs
  11. Timan I love this Mac Pro its crazy fast, couple of my friends just got their 2.8GHz with 8800GT cost them around $2,999, I have tried Boot Camp with 64-Bit Vista and it runs great, Plays all PC games i've tried Crysis, Call Of Duty 4, Orange Box, BF2, BF 2142, Counter Strike Source and it all runs just like a regular PC, Parallels 3.0 works with Boot Camp plus it was free with purchase with the Mac Pro at MacMall.com, hope you sell your iMac you won't be disappointed with the Mac Pro, Now I'm just waiting for Apple to release updated Cinema Displays with built-in iSights because Leopard you
  12. under$5500 for the computer and the printer,Parallels 3.0 was free from MacMall.com and Mx revoloution, Z-5500 was free when I won a $1,000 bestbuy card at a local radio station
  13. $5,450 saved for a year, my next purchase is a 30inch ACD, the printer was free, Parallels was free, the Z-5500 and Mx revolution was free won a $1,000 BestBuy cards from a Contest I did.
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