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  1. Hi people. Here you have my latest set of icons, a small icon pack about Christmas. Hope you like it Happy Xmas!
  2. CamtessaDesign.com Hi People! Finally I release my website with a simple and beauty design. You can find free quality icons, and Design Services. Hope you like it this website. Enjoy it :-) And soon, 'Something For Christmas...'
  3. New Update - Novemeber 30
  4. New Update Check first post
  5. Hi people. Now I'm very busy, but I had time to start this icons, a folders inspired by the new NickelCobalt GUIkit. Hope you like it. Here a preview: New Update - November 15 New Update - November 30
  6. For the fans of F1, here the helmet of the champion, Fernando Alonso Thanks again to Alejandro (Blue Creations) for hosting. Hope you like it Download And coming soon, Camtessa Design
  7. A new quick work of the new iPod Nanos inspired in 'iPod, Therefore I Am' by Dave Brasgalla (IconFactory). And preview of website a little inspired in Apple website and a little in Jonas preview . Hope you like it. Thanks again to Alejandro for the hosting.
  8. CLEAN - DIRTY --- Theme: Amora (David Lanham, port by Astyanax) Wall: Touched by stars (Blinqker) Icons: Minorit Reloaded (me), NOD (Rimshot), and others... ---
  9. Hi people! Here my last icon set finished, Minorit Reloaded. Hope you like it. Enjoy it! :-D Minorit Reloaded Click image to download Thanks to: -Alan for give me permission to use a picture of his gallery to make 'Pictures folder'. -Alejandro (Blue Creations) for host this 'Preview web' and help me with suggestions to make this icons. -Duyvan for make iContainer and help me too with suggestions. -And thanks to all people that help me and test this icon set Bye!
  10. Sorry, but d7hosting delete my site (I don't know the reason). I'm making my site, but I don't release this icons in my new site. If you want this icons, PM me
  11. CLEAN - DIRTY --- Theme: Bister (Susumu Yoshida, port by Astyanax) Wall: Ayumi Hamasaki (Ishi Eiketsu) mod by me (with a image from stock.xchng) Icons: Minorit Reloaded WIP (me), NOD (Rimshot), and others... ---
  12. NEW Update: 21/07/2006: Network icon and drive updated. Check first post Edit: I forgot say I'm working in a new web... Soon the web and the Minorit Reloaded icons bye!
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