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  1. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39181683/
  2. does anyone know what he is using for this screenshot?... is it two seperate avedesk widgets? one for the cdcase/reflection and one for the track info?
  3. any chance this could be modified to work with putty?
  4. you call those exremely high-res? you havent been on any stockphoto sites have you thanks for the heads up though
  5. are you using a cracked version of styler? This has been known to happen to such versions, if you are i'd suggest buying the great software since its only a few bucks if you have purchased a license for it I would contact the developer
  6. I dont want to sound like a queer or anything, but I love you! hahaha o.k.. that sounded queer
  7. DUDE! That is f***ing awesome! Any chance I can get the PSD of that symbol so I can make some decals for my car?
  8. its still illegal because your father bought a single license to use photoshop on one computer, too install it legally on two computers you need two licenses or a corporate/family license that was it shmengie is talking about
  9. try re-installing iTunes and see if that does anything.. make sure to backup your library xml file otherwise you'll loose all your ratings!
  10. if your card is an ATI or nvidia card you can setup up profiles that can be switched by a keycombination.. for instance, I have CTRL+ALT+S for a single monitor at 1600x1200, CTRL+ALT+D for dual monitors at 3200x1200 and CTRL+ALT+T for just the tv at 1024x768 for media center. This is very easy to setup, just make sure you have the latest drivers from ati or nvidia and go into the control panel and look for profiles, couldn't be easier
  11. does your camera have a firewire port? If so why don't you use that and grab it with iMovie/iPhoto?
  12. shades of grey seem to be too dark.. if your going for a vista-ish look it should be more transparent.. also the buttons are a little too big and should be away from the borders of the window.. like padded inwards evenly.. dont know about the blue.. maybe a green would work better, if your going vista-ish looks promising though!
  13. I like your idea.. only thing I don't like is using internet explorer to browse my local files.. or just using it at all lol this could be an interesting idea though, creating an explorer toolbar for GDS
  14. these are just killer, thanks for the hard work and quality!
  15. Can you be a little more specific? because I have media center 2k5 and its login screen is the same as xp home/xp pro are you looking for the MCE interface as a login screen?
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