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  1. Yup, still wishing someone made this :-(
  2. What about a widget that is identical to the dashboard datebook, for yahoo widgets not systat
  3. great stuff man thanks for the update, keep us posted!
  4. any new developments with widget-making/updating?
  5. thanks ghostwalker! btw your itunes one seemed fine.
  6. 2.1 also seems to corrupt other dashbaord widgets too, dictionary and translator just to name two :-(
  7. I did notice something that might be a bug, although right away i noticed a big improvement from the previous releases, great job! Its hard to explain so bear with me.. I have 11 widgets in the bar, so it fills up the first page perfectly. I added another widget using the widget manager, so now there is an option to go to two screens of the dashboard bar, one which only has one widget in it. Now I tried to remove the widget, hoping the bar would automatically return to the previous full page of widgets, instead it sort of locks up on me until i close and restart, where it properly shows the
  8. wow, your dock looks gorgeous! great work, can't wait till its finished!
  9. Works very nicely for me, are you thinking of adding the side scrolling option or the more widgets buttons?
  10. damn! osx-e is down...hard, would you mind submitting it somewhere else, maybe like deviantart? NEVERMIND- working again :-)
  11. i saw an update of ghostwalker's itunes remote a few days ago on osx-e, it had a mini mode, and cd display along with the traditional dashboard look..can't seem to find it on the forum now, the sites been through a lot of changes recently.
  12. anyone working on a date/calender widget?
  13. @citysuit: Sounds promising: would you be able to add shortcuts also, or is it only for drives?
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