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  1. Has anyone else noticed the recent slew of things tagged with "beta" that are around recently? Google, Digg, Flickr (though Flickr uses "Gamma) and Famster are just a few. I don't understand why they are calling these sites "Beta" when they seem nearly 100% stable! It's some kind of web pop culture movement maybe. Anyway, I was having a look at new releases on the ITMS and I came across another shiny beta tag (see attached). This was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Why would something be called "beta" that is being blatantly released to the general public with 0 expectation of fe
  2. I download Shiira hah! In actuality, I transferred all the files on my iPod to my Mac (music, photos, documents, pdf files etc). Then I downloaded Camino (another good Mac browser) and..yeah! Congratulations on your Macbook. I LOVE my Macbook Pro 15"!!
  3. /cough Did you guys not hear about this: http://www.macworld.com/news/2006/08/03/cider/index.php
  4. Here are some useful links: http://community.livejournal.com/macintosh/2449585.html http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2006/8/7/4896 http://live.macnn.com/ Have fun!
  5. I use Pages and Keynote: both excellent programs. The templates are great but the capabilities that you have with making custom templates and/or custom brochures are the really awesome thing. Pages also does plain text stuff and actually has a few pre made templates for things like essays and reports. Personally, unless I'm writing a book or something, I rely on different fonts and text art rather than images for professional looking papers, but pages also has the capability for commercial brochures and announcments.
  6. Buy a Macbook man...they fly...
  7. @ Kobe It's a dashboard widget with developer mode enabled (google tinkertool). It can be found at the main Dashboard respository on Apple.com.
  8. Macbook Pro 15" on an external monitor of course 8< Desktop made by me, if you're a Sigur Ros fan, send me a pm!
  9. Nice man! I just got a Macbook Pro too..it fckinrocks.
  10. Maybe I have been kept out of the know on this one and am going to look an idiot posting this, but I don't really care: For one a person a ticket to WWDC costs: $1,595 That seems like quite a bit of cash to me. If I wanted to, I could get a top quality pro DSLR for that much, or a very nice, top of the line lens. Maybe even a Macbook to go along with my Macbook Pro? Who knows. Could someone please inform me why this costs so effing much? http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/registration.html
  11. PSU short. Buy a better power supply next time 8(
  12. $^&! That was fast! Thanks mang..
  13. I know, I know...mods will yell at me to put this into the Hardware thread but, being a "veteran" of AS from the old days I figured that I deserved my own 8( I just ordered a new Macbook Pro yesterday, with a keyboard, Aperture and 2gb of ram. Since 2001 I have modded my computer to be like a Mac, and in 2006 I finally scrape the cash together to buy one. Thanks for all the cool customization and bantering over the years.
  14. juno

    MacBook theme

    Novel idea man. Nice. +1
  15. Start>Run>charmap.exe
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