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  1. Has pownce.com hit on the aqua-soft forums? just thought i'd share my username to see if anyone wants to friend-up. i also have some invites left if anyone wants them. pownce u/n: arkestra
  2. what's that background in the preview?
  3. I have been looking for the suffixes ( I think they're called command line switches) that you would type after the itunes.exe in the command line. I'm trying to add some hotkeys for itunes contol. And incase anyone wants to yell at me becuase "everyone knows this" -- i did search the forums and only found this --> http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....d+line+switches thanks for your help.
  4. you have to press Ctrl to get the close button.
  5. well...it sufffices to say that I won't be getting a new video card anytime soon -- since I'm on a laptop. I have an ATI Radeon 7500c, and I have had problems with it before. Like it not working with Half Life 2 even though it met the minimum requirements (worst 50 bucks I ever spent). But that still doesn't explain why I'm having problems now and not before. I recently reformate a couple weeks ago, so I'll go and make sure all my drivers are updates as well. If that doesn't help, I'll move onto the bug topic and fill in all my information and see if I can get help there. Thanks.
  6. Well...i'm all excited to check out the wonderful new animations of 1.3, but there's a slight problem. When flipping a widget, the area surrounding it goes to crap...see the attatched file for a pic of it. I installed the teaser for 1.3 a little while back, and that worked fine...so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I would appreciate any help the community could give me. Thank you.
  7. DEL.ICIO.US Aqua skin ----// This is definitley not done at the moment, and i'm not sure if i'm going to finish it. I will if people show intrest. Let me know if your interested and want me to finish. Here's what i've worked out so far. ps - this will be a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox...so it'll be much, much easier to install. also -- any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. I seem to be having problems (getting generic "error opening file") messages from the foobar console with m4a files. DOes foobar not support this format, or is there a plugin for foobar that'll handle it? Thanks for any help you can give.
  9. When I use two screens and mirnada, it messes up the transparent background. MORE importantly i cannot click anywhere on the contact list. is this a known problem? thanks.
  10. webclips? please explain what part of it those are.
  11. to cry, watch "dancer in the dark".
  12. just to let you know, i started having the same problem two one to two days ago. your guess is probaly right, becuase the docklet doesn't deal with the gmail notifier at all, and any changes to the syntax used by gmail would screw it up. i guess a docklet update is in order
  13. gMac 1.01 fix -- gmail domain change. 1: Visit persistent.info to find out how to install it.ok 2: Download the attatched Gmail skin userContent.txt file and rename it to userContent.css. IMPORTANT! **// - to get a generic .mac email logo (the top right) change the image number from "...1.gif" to "...2.png" in the css file - //** This is my first attempt at css. So feel free to customize it (make it better), just let me know the results, and keep my name in there somewhere. Thanks. PREVIEW: userContent.txt
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