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  1. ahmm... following up on this ... since i want to upgrade to 4GB ram ....

    between the following ... which one's would u recommend?

    1. 2 of these -


    2. one of these -


    3. 2 of these -


    between g.skill and crucial and corsair ... are they all pretty much in the same league?

    I would go with the G.SKILL just because it's the cheapest and I've never had a problem with mine. There's a lifetime warranty even if you have problems.

  2. thanks for the feedback so far..

    a couple of quick but really important questions -

    1. The XP CD i have isn't SP2 .... i had SP2 installed seperately ... so ... from what I gather, that won't work in bootcamp? Has anyone tried/ can comment on whether slipstreaming SP2 with a pre-sp2 win xp cd will work ?

    Yes, slipstream your CD.

    4. Has anyone here bought RAM for the MBP from an online store... or something like that (basically installed it seperately ...and not from apple) ..? And if so, can you point me to what sort of RAM is recommended; pros and cons of getting RAM externally and not from apple (by jove..apple reallly overcharges for tthe extra 2 GB ofram .... 700 bucks for 2 more GB of ram (making it a total of 4 GB) is mighty expensive --- which is why I want info on alternatives and getting ram from an online vendor) .. what are the good models for RAM forapple MBP's..

    Thanks !

    Go to newegg.com and look at the most reviewed RAM. I have G.SKILL in my MacBook.

  3. I too suggest the MacBook Pro, but I think you're going to get some biases here considering this is a Mac based forum.

    If you really want a Mac, you need to put aside the fact that you can get a equally configured PC for cheaper. You need to ask yourself although you can get a better PC for the same price as a Mac, will you really be needing the extra power? It's no question that Macs cost a little extra, but you get what you pay for. They are very nice machines.

    4. I have an external USB 2.0 HDD ... (seagate freeagent pro)... and it's NTFS formatted and storing a lot of my stuff.... so ... in the event i buy a mac .... can i access the stuff from my external while im running OSX? .... or do i have to boot into windows vista/xp in order to be able to view my stuff?

    OSX can read NTFS, but it will not be able to write to it. You'll need to format your drive to FAT32 if you want both OSs to read and write.

  4. Yeah I use Parallels, I used to have XP on it, but I have Vista now. It really shines when you have a lot of RAM. I used to have 512, but upgraded my MacBook to 2GB and it flies now. I can switch between Parallels and a Mac app open at the same time with lo lag at all! You should upgrade.

  5. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting a 20" Dell 2007WFP. New ones go for $399, but Dell also sells refurbished ones for $289. I'm wondering if the refurbished ones are any good. Do they have problems such as backlight bleeding, dead pixels, etc.? Are they always the latest firmware? Anyone here bought a Dell refurbished monitor before?


  6. If you can't get it to work with the iMac's display but still want HD, you could buy a LCD monitor and a HDMI to DVI cable and it would work fine (HDMI is just DVI with audio). For the audio, you could use the digital out optical and hook it up to a receiver or PC speakers with an adapter. Try to buy a monitor that supports HDCP. Games should not be affected by HDCP, but movies in the future may. If your monitor doesn't have HDCP, movie playback will be limited and not in full HD. You would have to get a large monitor that supports a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 if you want full 1080p HD, but for a lot cheaper you could get a smaller monitor that does at least 1280 x 720 for 720p. There isn't much of a difference in quality I hear.

  7. Another question then, is it normal i already have 72 cycles with my MacBook? I bought it in August.. Am i doing something wrong?

    That sounds normal. I got my MacBook in late August, and I have 68 charge cycles with over 100% battery capacity. I use my MacBook on battery until it gets into the red zone, then charge it till 100% and run it off battery again. I don't run it off the power adapter much unless charging because Apple recommends not doing that often to keep the battery healthy and the juices flowing.

    Apple does not recommend leaving your portable plugged in all the time. An ideal use would be a commuter who uses her MacBook Pro on the train, then plugs it in at the office to charge. This keeps the battery juices flowing.


    A charge cycle is...

    A charge cycle means using all of the battery’s power, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a single charge. For instance, you could listen to your iPod for a few hours one day, using half its power, and then recharge it fully. If you did the same thing the next day, it would count as one charge cycle, not two, so you may take several days to complete a cycle. Each time you complete a charge cycle, it diminishes battery capacity slightly, but you can put both notebook and iPod batteries through many charge cycles before they will only hold 80% of original battery capacity. As with other rechargeable batteries, you may eventually need to replace your battery.


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