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  1. Chad K.B.


    Yes can someone tell me what is going on?
  2. Well it's good that you opened a site for Luna Windows. But if you want to make it a hit try working hard on it and make it like no other web site like for example osx-e it has it's own style and Aqua Soft it's own hardcore based system that brings back users. You want web content that brings back users and more users not a site that doesn't get users. I believe it will be a hit if worked harded at. Tips: Get anoter Admin for the site 1 Co-Admin, some mods and users for the site. Also try using different things as Wuzzie said. Try them all and stick with the best one. See Aqua Gero my site
  3. Ariw2003net aka AriX is right you should use phpBB for that site since it's starting up. And all that mambo source throw it away not to be mean but mambo isn't good come up with something that is true and it's own style. Also phpBB has a lot of good skins.
  4. Thanks Magnolium (Cassius) for giving me a Needlemen account I already have WordPress for the site news, phpBB (Site forums), a Gallery and Downloads. Almost done with the site just wanted to thank you.
  5. Hello Mangolium remeber me Chad K.B. well I was wondering if I could have an account please consider it. Now that I have all my files for my site known as Aqua Gero I'm almost done. I Will use the site to make a Mac Emulation and a nice cool site it will have a homepage, links page, news page (WordPress) and a Forums that's already popular but I need it because my site has only 500 MB bandwidth and now with my site coming out more and more people are coming and no bandwidth. I will be updating it everyday and I think that I deserve an account. I just need another host for my website so I came
  6. You might of known that the osx-e site has changed and that they old FlyakiteOSX v2.0 available but I think you can't download the site that osx-e got it from has no more bandwidth but I think someone would be happy to send it to your email.
  7. Update: Check out the news page working with Wordpress I made the theme only thing wrong is the header image has a lot of saturation or compression I'm gonna fix it later in Photoshop. It's a brushed Mac Theme for WordPress. http://www.aqua-gero.byethost33.com/index.php
  8. Well me and AriX have been discussing on combining sites for a while now and finally we came together we are still gonna keep our forums, gallery and weblog but we are moving the homepage to WinX so Aqua Gero has been working hard lately thanks for all the visiting. The Navigation for the site is in my signature!
  9. Chad K.B.


    AriX I am wondering if you we can get a Chat system for the site I know where we can get one. Alang gave me the site opensourceCMS.com check it out!
  10. Chad K.B.


    News @ AriX: Yes so now were combing the sites it would be good if I had admin control over wordpress because in mine I post a lot you can see it here. I post in it about every day and now with the gallery shots come in. And visit the downloads section @ here. Also can the forums still be at the ones I have right now?
  11. Well I like Aqua Soft but I really love osx-e.com that's where I started out with my emulating I love it there the forums, the admins, mods, and the users they all helped out. alang you made a good site that it's my homepage.
  12. 6/20 - Was kind of a bad day for us the whole site and server was down so that means the forums, downloads, and wp aka wordpress on my site was down for 3 hours so it was down. Then the site was running again so I added a few Files to ym downloads section you can see it here: http://www.aqua-gero.byethost33.com/upload/ And feel free to upload your own apps, icons, wallpapers or anyway that helps Mac and Aqua Emulations out! The forums is also getting popular and bigger.
  13. I use AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Verizon Online Mail and best of all Gmail aka Google Mail.
  14. @nightcrawler1089 - Yes I was just thinking about just realeasing 2-4 packs of icons I will post here as soon as I'm done with adding the icons into a pack ok.
  15. First of all the pngs are only have some icons from mac os x panther ok. Second it's mostly hardware icons you can see mine. I created 2004 Mac - The icons, Mac Classic Icons,S ystem PNGs and more... You can see them here @ http://www.osx-e.com/index.php?categoryid=...&p13_fileid=152 I also heard GillBates made a few there also at osx-e!
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