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  1. what do you want us to do? we can't do it for you...
  2. mikil


    151 views and no comments?! :/
  3. http://mikil.deviantart.com/art/Ladybug-90150468 This is a photo i took the other day...I'm not sure about the colors, tried to tweak them in Lightroom
  4. They called from the '90s...they want their Bryce images back
  5. quite nice...but it takes about 2 minutes in bryce to make
  6. nice pic...don't like the filter thou
  7. my cellphone has better resolution than that
  8. well...I don't know I must have been a bit drunk when i wrote that...can't remember
  9. if you'd done it yourself...thumbs up. photoshop filters...thumbs down
  10. Nice, but I'm not signing up to your forum just to download it.
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