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  1. good, it won't drop on the floor if it's kept taut. :cool:
  2. with 1g's still being used and sold... it's a long way from being obsolete.
  3. im hoping they update the ppc line of the pbooks soon. there were big rumors of a mac mini/ibook update for the next couple weeks but i guess thinksecret squashed that. i've been in the market for a powerbook for a long time now, but with problems like the trackpad going haywire and still seeing if prices will get better, i've put it on hold.
  4. or as many hopefulls are saying, you can still get an old/current mac and dump leopard on it, no need to grab some nipples.
  5. i never said that it would or wouldnt. i merely said that he never mentioned it. this has been one of the hot topics in other discussion groups including macworld and on the apple forums. we'll just see what's in the future.
  6. unless you like to be up to date with the OS, keep in mind that Jobs never mentioned once that Leopard will be supported by g4 or g5 macs.
  7. “We plan to create future versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac that support both PowerPC and Intel processors,” said Roz Ho, general manager of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit. “We have a strong relationship with Apple and will work closely with them to continue our long tradition of making great applications for a great platform.” “We think this is a really smart move on Apple's part and plan to create future versions of our Creative Suite for Macintosh that support both PowerPC and Intel processors,” said Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe
  8. thanks gillbates. i don't know what to do now for a notebook.
  9. I don't quite understand your first sentence, could you elaborate (I must've read it 5 times over, it doesn't make sense to me.. :slant:) Compatability mode? Future OS'es will still work for my powerbook? I don't want to buy an obsolete notebook :confused:
  10. [email protected], I'm just being realistic and projecting future woes (as I'm planning on purchasing a powerbook this week!!) i'm looking forward to leopard here, and if future OS's won't work as well, I want to know. And considering I'm new to the apple game I guess I'm not as shocked as you guys. But of Jobs says it'll happen... it'll happen.
  11. Will any of us with PowerPC chips have any problems with compatability with software/hardware of future Apple/made for Apple products? And will my Powerbook be worth bubkis in a few years?
  12. I haven't bought an applecare plan for my ipod, but plan to do so before the year is over. May I use an educational discount for this plan?
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