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  1. Thanks a lot for the higher res, much appreciated.
  2. I wouldn't mind the road one if it was in higher resolutions ( e.g.: 1920x1200 )
  3. Fine work, thanks a lot.
  4. feels weird to post such a desktop in a sea of mac/mac-inspired desktops
  5. A Desert Eagle and two bags of Weed.
  6. What's up guys, I'm working on a border for a gaming guild ( World Of Warcraft )... But I'm looking for some decent borders ( preferably psd's ).. something like this Is there any place that i can find such stuff on ? I tried to rip the action bar border from Warcraft3, and I salvaged it so I can put it on the banner, But I'm thinking about posting more than one version ( with different borders ).. Here is what I've done so far I already posted these on the forums, but they didn't get much of attention, so I'm thinking the border does not really fit the site.. Any tips a
  7. That's the same link as the one you posted before -,-
  8. Thanks a lot for your help much appreciated.
  9. Thanks Sir, never heard about svg before, i was able to open them using the plugin from adobe ( via IE ) ... but i got no idea how to save each card alone ;/ excuse my ignorance
  10. Thanks but the downloads are kinda weird, can't find what i really need there.
  11. What's up people, Any of you mind helping me find a cards deck ( with all the cards ) , each card as a single image file ? A friend of mine is programming a great cards game and we need each card as an image.. and if anybody knows where i can get an UNO cards deck aswell i'd really appreciate it Many thanks in advance
  12. What font is this Thanks
  13. What's up guys, haven't been here since a long time.. anyways i'm looking for this wall which was posted by theevilcube http://www.deviantart.com/view/34720524/ it's like the same wall as Strange World II by KoL, http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14512540/ , but without the signs and the stuff, so can i find it anywhere ? Many thanks in advance
  14. ahh so fresh, i like. and you made me thirsty going to fix me something to drink!
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