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  1. Yeah you get a Mac Or use Y'z Shadow for shadows like Wuzzie said. I don't know if there's something else...
  2. Pretty cool ... but I don't think you will be rebuilding the old site eh ? I mean that was A LOT of work and it's perfect, maybe some tweaking and so .. right ?
  3. Oh forgive me people, I found that tutorial, sorry everyone :$
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a very new Miranda user (the first time I used it was today Sep.13.2005). Anyways I downloaded a skin called Satin, which is supposed to skin the messages window, so I got the latest version of the IEView plugin and got the latest tabsrmm as well. Everything worked well as this picture shows it. Now what I wanted to do was skin the contact list window, after searching for 30 min I noticed that most links pointed to www.creepit.com, but I couldn't find the Mirandium tutorial, I guess the guy updates his site, and removes old archives. Anyway I hate to be annoying, and a
  5. Looks nice, downloading while I'm speaking
  6. Well done, "nice bling bling style". I'd never use that on my desktop though
  7. Awesome work man ... keep the series alive and add any single character you can think of !
  8. Nice ... could you release it in different colours ?
  9. Awesome sites thanks for sharing !!
  10. Nice work man, although I never look at my player because it's minimized to tray therefore I use Foobar on Windows and Rythmbox on Linux
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