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  1. Just another earth wallpaper, nothing special but to go with my upcoming WindowBlinds theme. And great thanks to dinyctis for his planet tutorial and sxc.hu for the stock photo. 7 sizes included, for wide screens: + 1920 x 1200 + 1680 x 1050 + 1440 x 900 + 1280 x 800 and for normal screens: + 1600 x 1200 + 1280 x 1024 + 1024 x 768 Enjoy! [ Download on my blog ]
  2. Another skin took me more than one month, you may think tired of high-tranz vista skins, however I really love some baby-blue and smooth style I used in this skin and also in Ecliz. Acutally, I myself madly love the buttons and like in this skin, hope you like them, too! All features included, System animations and toolbar icons also supported. Download this theme: @ Wincustomize @ deviantART Wallpaper can be found on my blog: http://www.jjying.cn Desktop screen shot: Details: System animation sample:
  3. My 3rd WindowBlinds entry for GUI Championships 2006.[emot]grin[/emot] The reason why I created Azenis 2 is to present you the most usable dark skin. Yep, its taskbar / start panel and window frames are designed in pure-cool style and as dark as the old Azenis, but all the new elements are made to let your eyes feel better and to ensure the usability. I have to tell you I tried many new ideas in this skin, just download it, use it, feel it and I say you will love it as I did! [ Download at GUI Champs 2006 ] [ Full size preview ]
  4. I know, I know, vista is now everywhere...But in this theme, I really tried something not that "V" yet, the dark black style is just like in vista. You like it? Full view and download @ WinCustomize
  5. This desktop theme is originally designed by my friend -- badnao. In the course of skinning, I revamped many elements under his authorization. This is a theme based on classical-style texture which is well choosen by chinese flavour. Hope you like it! Download @ WinCustomize Download @ deviantART Click to enlarge:
  6. 4 Colors included. Hope you like it! Download @ DeviantART
  7. A high transparency version of my Ecliz WB, hope you like it! + Per-pixel window frames, taskbar and start panel + Titlebar button glow effect + Animated start button Download @ WinCustomize Click to enlarge:
  8. An icon pack contains 8 icons in all. Done in Photoshop for maybe more than 3 months on and off. Hope you like it! Download @ DA Preview #1 (Icons) Download @ DA Preview #2 (Cursors) I linked the images for you because they exceeded forum rules about maximum image size. Feel free to re-upload/link new ones that are 500*375 or smaller! -NC
  9. This desktop theme is designed by my friend -- badnao. As a coder of this skin, now I proudly introduce you the Peony, a theme based on classical-style texture which is well choosen by chinese flavour. Please be free to tell me how you feel. Wallpaper and Styler's toolbar also included, 3 font settings: Arial, Tahoma and Lucida Grande. Download @ deviantART Click to enlarge:
  10. I'll conisider porting it to vs, but before that, I need to totally modify the taskbar/frames and start panel.
  11. It has been quite a long time since my last skin...Time goes by so fast and I have to say life is like a box of chocolates. Hard disk failure, mainboard crashed and Blog space down, I got much bad news in the past weeks... Finally, I get back to skin and now introduce you the skin I have planned at least 3 months. I got the idea when I installed Win Vista 5270, and with transparent elements, I hope you can enjoy this skin! Download @ WinCustomize Click to enlarge the image:
  12. Haven't touched my own pc for 2 days....Because of the borken MSI mainboard, the bad days will tie up to at least 2 weeks... Anyway, this piece of wallpaper is done before the computer crashed...Inspired by the vista default wp, hope you like it! Sizes: 1600x1200 1280x960 1024x768 Download @ DA
  13. Finally, I finished this unofficial HALO mini desktop suit. As the most important part, the WindowBlinds theme took me more than a month. And now I proundly present you this original HALO theme. For anywho like HALO or not, hope you like this skin! Download Links: + WindowBlinds + Winamp + Rainlendar + CursorXP + LogonUI
  14. My first ever Visual Style made for WinAjuda, hope you like it! Download WB @ WinCustomize Download VS @ DA Click to enlarge the preview image:
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