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  1. looks gr8. ff 3 is rc1 already. so, acua skin for ff3 would be good
  2. Nice desks everyone Credits: StefanKa, Ave, Rayform Design and Susumu.
  3. Ash Aqua Samui Details @ DevART. Credits: Bz, Kavin, 12we, Lou Mantia, Susumu, pAntoni, Dave Brasgalla
  4. awesome release ! thanks a ton for winamp support
  5. Nice desks everyone Credits : StefanKa, Astyanax, Maxyrius, Rayform Design, Dlab, Vitor Angelo and Mrrste
  6. After a format, I downloaded iTunes 6.0.5 and then ran the M-plugin installer. It refuses to install saying iTunes isnt found. So, I switched back to iTunes 6.0.4 and installed M-plugin. However, there is a small problem. When I click the restore button from Mini Player mode, sometimes the controls on the main window become inactive. I have to go to Mini Player mode again and come back to main window to solve this
  7. I thought of requesting this Gr8 release mate !!
  8. @ Cereal Mouse, the link to the screenshot isnt correct !
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