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  1. Make sure that they don't have 2 sets of ID tags. (Delete the unwanted one if applicable).
  2. From Watership Down the song Bright Eyes.
  3. Try some Godspeed You Black Emperor! They have some great amtospheric stuff, Also Isis & Dredg have some good stuff also
  4. The best answer is to open them up in the program you created them in & save them to a popular format like png or jpg.
  5. Yeah It looks like a cute Australian Platypus
  6. Which directory do you have the dll's in? Try placing them in the components directory first then the main one second. Cheers
  7. Here is version 1 of Black Tiger Milk. Cheers Bz Black Tiger Milk.zip
  8. Will Steve Get a new turtleneck sweater this year?
  9. Take the comma out of the url & it works fine
  10. Looks like a Windowblinds 5 Clear skin (By the looks of the taskbar) Try Wincustomize they have most of the WB5 Skins or maybe DeviantArt.
  11. Yep it works great now cheers Andrew
  12. You just click on the icon in Skinstudio & press the delete key, Skinstudio ask if you want to delete it, click yes & you won't have those pesky icons on your windows no more Cheers
  13. Suicide Commando - [bind, Torture, Kill #03] Conspiracy With The Devil
  14. Would you classify Explosions in the Sky & Godspeed You Black Emperor! as Post-Rock or Progressive please?
  15. Explosions In The Sky - [The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place #02] The Only Moment We Were Alone
  16. With Supporters like this we can only get better
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