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  1. thnx zolw01, glad u liked it
  2. A DeskPost After Looooong Time... Enjoy
  3. Nothing... everything's just [email protected] I'm running without any AV/FW from last one year... Once in a month, any noon, I just quqick install KAV > Update > Scan > BoomBang > Uninstall...
  4. Very nicely done Hoobes
  5. wow... awesome... ... yup, ICO...? ... k, will convert
  6. I'm a dedicated FF user... Last month I just tried BETA 2 Pre to test few web design stuff I'm doing, it worked fine with me... I hate all the $xyzfolder$ named crap folders WindowsUpdate creates in my %windir% ... and I delete everything... most of times all updates on my machine work fine, so I don't find any reason to keep those Update Backup folders created by WindowsUpdate... So, I also deleted %windir%$IEUnistall$ folder so now I'm having IE7 BETA 2 Pre and Uninstall option from AppWiz.CPL (Add/Remove) is obviously gone... and now the real BETA 2 is out I'm not able to upgrade it...
  7. nice & fresh one proenca
  8. When, how, where, why... lolz... gimme the link, I don't remember PS: .... Thanks guys, glad u liked it
  9. @ RedWood : That's VS from Synergy GUIKit by Kavin...
  10. Did a simple, minimal DUAL WALL with patterns, Done with one of those iPod promotion pics featuring U2 by Apple. It's HUGE... 2880x900 = (1400x900) x 2 | Size = 580 KB... Here's a preview / Click on it to get it or a full-view. I'm sure some of you might find this useful :yes: Thanks. -Shekhar
  11. . . . Credits to DJ for creating that Pro™ Orange Julius Wallpaper...
  12. wow tht looks delicious ... keep up
  13. nice one vlad... i also like the new look of ur site
  14. thnx man .... loving this... ... yup, will report if i also find anything! ...
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