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  1. No, Kiosk is for Windows. I'm just a big fan of Gnome. Update! I've been able to include pamphlets for Windows Media Player and iTunes. I haven't installed iTunes so testing can't be completed just yet but the coding is sound and should work without any errors. I'll need someone to test it thoroughly though. If anyone would like to give it a shot drop us a PM. Public beta testing should begin next week. I've been working some long hours and haven't had much time getting things set up on the details customization front. Things are still hard-coded but that should be remedied before th
  2. That's True Launch Bar found here. Also an update for Kiosk! I've been able to add uTorrent, Network Monitoring and File Watching pamphlets! I'm having a little trouble with the Network Monitor though. After a few hours the RAM usage climbs astronomically. Must be a memory leak somewhere. Also, uTorrent uses the WebUI feature to hook into and get details. I've also added a few things. Now some pamphlets are interactive. For example, with the uTorrent pamphlet, clicking on the pamphlet will pause / resume the current torrent. Or with the music pamphlet, left-clicking goes to the previous tra
  3. It's been awhile now but I have some good news. I've found time to work on Kiosk and should have a beta ready for release in the next couple of days! At the moment here's the list of pamphlets available: Date Time Drive Space Email Recycle Bin Music - Working for Winamp or anything that can emulate Winamp ie: Foobar with the winamp_spam.dll plugin. I'm working on adding Windows Media Player for the beta release. CPU Usage RAM Usage Weather - Info provided by Weather.com RSS Feed Folder Watcher Things to come soon: uTorrent watch Network Usage User suggestions... Kiosk now supports mult
  4. Red / White / Yellow jacks are for component. The Red and White jacks carries the audio signal and the yellow one, the video. The reason you don't hear any sound when using the Red / Green / Blue jacks is because these are composite jacks. They only carry the video signal. Each jack carries the individual color stream instead of combining them before sending them to the television. This ensures a better visual experience.
  5. Love the Simpsons reference in the name. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this. Thar being said, get back to work on porting Flying Cow to C# already! lol
  6. Ha! If only it was that easy...not going to happen mate. Sorry.
  7. It's a simple setting in the visual style. It's up to whomever created the style as to whether the text is centered or left-justified. Open the visual style (.msstyle) in Reshacker, look for the ini file and change it there. Or the easiest way is to use Stylebuilder. Edit: Oh, this is for Vista...still probably a visual style setting. Little harder though.
  8. Aye, the server is playing up on me - damn Australian ISPs...trying to get it sorted out. I noticed the problem when trying to delete movies that don't have covers associated with them. This is what is causing the errors. If you can't find a cover through movieClerk, or it doesn't seem to download - refreshing the shelf should fix this - you can manually search for one and drag / drop the image straight from the browser into movieClerk. Just drop it on the dvd for the movie (in Shelf view) or the row (in List view). Or download the cover image to the desktop and drag the file into the window
  9. Wow! That's pretty much off topic. :slant:
  10. psd files aren't quicktime - they're Photoshop files. This should show you how to get thumbnails for them at least: http://getanewbrowser.com/2006/08/photosho...ndows-explorer/ For Targa and Pict files use this: http://www.greggman.com/pages/thumbplug_tga.htm
  11. I've taken a look at the coding for DeskDrive and it's basically the same thing I'm doing only without some of the other features - icon saving, cd renaming, etc. Not sure where all the issues you guys are running into are coming from. I see from the comments it's mostly a settings window problem and the icons being moved. You can turn off the icons moving to the right feature and as for the settings window throwing up errors, I can't really debug for that as I've never encountered that error no matter what I throw at DiscMounter. Sorry, if it doesn't work for some people but that's the wa
  12. Here's the Keyboard commands for the fullscreen view. Thanks for letting me know about the other stuff. I'll have a look through and try fixing those things shortly. Keyboard Commands.txt
  13. @Tarkio: Not sure what you mean by: "We can't add an entire folder?". Are you trying to associate a movie to a folder or are you wanting movieClerk to be able to automatically go through a folder of your choosing, find the movies in the folder, and add them to the database? If it's the second one, I'm afraid unless you have named them specifically with details titles, it'd be difficult. Not so difficult that I'm saying it can't be done but maybe not until all the bugs have been fixed in this version branch. Maybe in the future I can add that feature in and have it auto-watch a folder for n
  14. @Tarkio: Of course Amazon.fr is available! In fact all of Amazon's websites are available. Just select the one you want - Amazon France for you - in the "Source" dropdown box when you search. There are also searches available through VideoUniverse.com and DVDEmpire.com. I'm currently working on including Wikipedia.com, IMDB.com and a few others for specific to Australia. These will be added when available to the "Search Online" list. As for waiting until I switch over to SQLite - might I suggest starting now with SQL Server Express. Everything you add now will be usable with SQLite and it'
  15. Try the link to the sourceforge page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/flyingcow/
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