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  1. Just wondering, but why isn't this on the homepage?
  2. Haha nice name. I like the 6th one the most.
  3. Very cool. I love this kind of stuff.
  4. Hm, looks like someone already suggested TextEdit. But yeah, it can open and [i think] export to .doc.
  5. Thats probably because this is over a year old. And sorry, I don't have them (although I used to )
  6. Fantastic! I'm using them now
  7. Looks cool. Only problem is you can see the clouds photo over the hay-rolls :/
  8. O_O You mean thats you making that? Never tried it, but it looks nice Ill try it once I finish installing Xubuntu on my other computer
  9. Wow, never thought of anything like this before. Cool
  10. All your movie-themed stuff are simply stunning.
  11. Lol, still making all this Star Wars stuff? Nice wall
  12. ZTL

    iPod Wallpaper

    Is there really that much of a size difference? :confused:
  13. These are pretty nice. Although, I highly suggest you remove the shadows of the Apple logos. The logos also look like they were drawn by you. Cool room btw.
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