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  1. is this still viable to use or is there an update somewhere?
  2. is their an activewinamp plugin that is compatible with 2.95 i just switched to 2.95 from 5.XX its smoother and works better imo
  3. OMG!!! AWSOME i cant believe i missed this thread. THANK you soo very much. FYI as soon as i get money from accoutn deposited into paypal, u will be getting a little sumin sumin
  4. those png images which recall posted are from a systats plugin for wireless meter. I would know i was using it
  5. but wut about aveamp how is that coming along?
  6. I cant even install it, it just freezes at the update screen and uses 40% cpu usage cant even kill the .exe, only fix is to reboot. Ill try fully uninstallin reinstall then adding it
  7. @shmengie I couldn't understand if ur post was a flame towards me or not. But just to clear it up. Im not *****ing at the fact that i need to pay or the conversion rate. Im just clarifying. And what i meant bout PURE Donationware, is that we had to donate prior to getting it which is similar to buying it
  8. I just hope all your other projects dont become pure DONATIONWARE. Anyways list the details and ill try to figure something out with donations. Also its that In USD, because im a studen 17 yrs old and live in Canada im just curious.
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