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  1. I never posted much but used to hang around a lot. Still find myself poping in now and then (the forum's still on my home page links!). Maybe I'm just waiting for a dead site and then I can delete the link, in the meantime it's nice to reminisce sometimes PS: I never got round to buying a mac, just found the visual style of Windows 7 (and now 8.1) meant I no longer experience mac envy (well not as much!).
  2. I had to post to say iTunes 9 in Windows 7 seems to have good integration with the taskbar, and finally an aero shadow. GUI changes means the unfocused window will take a little getting used to but otherwise I only hope there have been some performance improvements under the surface otherwise looking good.
  3. lid

    3rvx 1.0

    Sorry to bump this thread but I recommend people try out 2.2b. It responds to changes made to master volume regardless of source (shows the OSD when you use the keyboard controls) in vista. Great little program.
  4. Less Vista more iTunes for Windows; which is still very buggy in Vista. No fix I know of unfortunately.
  5. Using HmmXP on Windows. The side is based on systats vertical calender under avedesk with MBM running to provide temperature readings. Although I've been though dozens of themes I've found HmmXP (modded to white background and 1 px) most practical for long term use.
  6. Haven't posted in a few months but then again I've changed very little in more than a year.
  7. Mammoth work. What res we looking at?
  8. Some really great customization work above. Haven't posted in here for a few months. Same old really. clean | dirty
  9. Sweet. Thanks for upping. Now only gotta wait for it to let me download.
  10. IIRC This was a feature of Windows 2000?
  11. Hey might as well jump on this thread. pcm OSXVolume for Vista would be great!
  12. You need to grab a surround sound plugin for foobar. Something like http://www.andrewlabs.com/ should be what you need.
  13. "Probably the most complete Vista visual style in the world " That's probably not so far from the truth. This really is great work especially considering how early we are as far as vista skinning goes. Having said that the theme is in desperate need of some more colours IMHO.
  14. Another month another desktop thread. Always worth checking out for ideas I find. Anyhow, still with HmmXP here. Havn't thought to change my theme for ages but am considering jumping on VIsta so my hands might be forced. Click for big if you want.
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