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  1. Where can i find the wallpaer seen in this screenshot: http://mt12.quickshareit.com/share/neonite952cb.png Thanks in advance.
  2. http://dznr.org/mgry Thanks in advance
  3. Cool minimal wallpaper, where can i find it? Thanks
  4. I see that the default setting for the Leopard firewall is "Allow all incoming connections". I ran a security test at shields up and all my ports seem to be closed. Would it be better to change it to " Set access for specific..." What settings do you use for your firewall? Am i correct in thinking you don't need an antivirus for a mac?
  5. I phoned Apple today and asked if new iMac's will be shipped with Leopard pre-installed from the 26th. They said YES!
  6. Does this mean that if i buy an iMac on the 26th it will come with Leopard. Or will it be a few weeks untill new iMacs ship with Leopard? Hopefully it will be on the 26th also!
  7. I'm in the same situation at the moment. I can finally afford my first mac! I'm going to wait for Leopard to be released. Hopefully this will be before the end of Oct.
  8. I'm going to buy an iMac within the next couple of months. I won't be able to afford to include AppleCare when i originally purchase my iMac. (I'm a poor student) So will only have the 90 days of complimentary support and one-year warranty to begin with. Is it possible to buy the AppleCare Protection Plan say 1 month after i have bought my iMac? I have noticed you can buy it in the Apple Store. Thanks.
  9. I'm just about to back to Uni after summer and thinking of buying an iMac. In the UK Apple store, students are getting discount and a free nano until Oct 30th. When is Leopard being released? Am i correct in saying that the current operating system is Tiger? If i bought an iMac now and Leopard was released in a few months would i be entitled to a free upgrade or is Leopard simply an update via download? I'm looking forward to buying a Mac, i have used Mac's at college before and love them. At home i have only ever had Windows and Ubuntu as an operating system.
  10. I discovered a free open source IM program the other day called "Pidgin", not sure if Aqua-Soft members have heard of it. "What is Pidgin? Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. Pidgin can work with: * AIM * Bonjour * Gadu-Gadu * Google Talk * Groupwise * ICQ * IRC * MSN * QQ * SILC * SIMPLE * Sametime * XMPP * Yahoo! * Zephyr " In my opinion i find it more userfriendly than MSN and does not have annoying adverts like MSN.
  11. I installed Safari on Windows XP yesterday. I love the interface and layout of Safari, but i feel it is lacking in some features in comparison to Firefox. I'd like to be able to have a new tab icon, open a new tab with homepage and searches open a new tab with Safari. Hopefully these features will be available in future releases. Also it seems to be quite a memory hog in comparison to Firefox.
  12. Where can i find that wallpaper? Thanks!
  13. Could someone please point me in the direction of the wallpaper seen in the Royale Vista II Beta Preview: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55318441/ Thanks in advance
  14. @jordygreen: Where can i find that wallpaper? Thanks...
  15. Cool display, what is the HP model numbe of the WS Display? Thanks... Edit:..............Is it this one: http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/display...3AA%2523ABA
  16. I just upgraded to Thunderbird 2.0 and i am trying to hide a Window Pane that seems to display attacments i think. See the image below: What is the name of this panel? Can i hide it in the user_chrome.css? I also have to click a Load images bar on each email i recieve, how can i automatically load all images in an email? Thanks in advance
  17. Awesome first post! Where can i find that wallpaper?
  18. Hey, could someone point me in the direction of the wallpaper seen in the attached image. I belive it is one of the default wallpapers in Vista. A link to the wallpaper and any other default Vista Wallpapers would be appreciated. Cheers!
  19. Similar to that wallpaper pack, but thats not the one. Thanks anyway travelfox
  20. A few days ago i downloaded a wallpaper pack that was similar to the the classic Blue Aqua mac wallpaper, and it had all different colours, yellow, red, green etc. Similar to the wallpaper seen in here (but not the wallpaper in the link): http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/46639213/ ........but i deleted it from my system. Cany anybody point me in the direction of the wallpaper pack? Thanks in advance
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