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  1. Ya know, its really irritating that they take away the apple, but sometimes its so screaming obvious that its funny. I saw this Destiny's Child music video on MTV once that showed them with an old ghetto powerbook (the black ones... Wallstreet and Lombard) and they removed the apple on the lid, but it was still there in the reflection!! Not sure what one it was, but it made me laugh a lot!
  2. its pretty funny that its on vista's site though. And while others may make white iBooks the port configs on this one look exactly like the iBook, plus it looks like the 12 inch size anyway. Hilarious!
  3. Looks awesome man! If I had windows I would probably use them!
  4. I like the updates and Rightushook, its nothing personal to you, but I have an iPod mini and I can get 1000 songs or more on it without much trouble. I would look to see what settings you have it importing at, its probably at VBR or a very high bit rate.
  5. *shakes head* whoever told you that is retarded! the 2gb version can hold 500 but the 4gb one holds 1000. Get it straight! nice work man!
  6. stop your whining. Apple can do what it wants with the GUI and you can think its similar all you want, but it doesnt matter.
  7. fricken great stuff man! More more!!! and make an rss feed for me
  8. lol... Now I see how apple gets all these brilliant ideas... they troll forums like these and collect all the ideas of users and then make them like 10x better... w00t apple
  9. Call it what you want, but I think its really dang stubborn to NOT leave when there is a HURRICANE coming your way, and a big one at that... Especially if they are evacuating people. When they start doing that you KNOW its going to be a serious problem, plus a good time for vacation. Some people werent able to make it out, but im talking about the people who didnt even try. I'm really glad that I live on the west coast, wild weather stays away.
  10. I would be fine with that (what Timan said) as long as I dont see vista fanboys clogging the threads that I love to read..
  11. I totally agree with BZ on this issue... lou is being stubborn, nothing personal lou.. I like your work. Anyway, there is a reason that this is different then niobium or whatever it is: A clone trooper is a specific shape, figure and everything. Its probably even copyrighted by lucasfilm, therefore it would NOT be a clone trooper if it didnt look like one. So you can't RIP a storm trooper... that being said, lets compare it to something else... Lou brings up his Niobium so thats an easy example: Minium is a unique perspective on an object (hard drives and folders).. You can do almost an
  12. Yea actually you can still get this icon set from Yellowicon... http://www.yellowicon.com Also if you guys would vote that would be nice, because I really dont think it deserves a 3 star rating Josh
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