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  1. Or you could use Digsby. It's a multimessenger like Trillian but for free. And comes with a mac skin very acceptable. Link: http://www.digsby.com/
  2. Thanks DarkFire. It's not that great but it is something. I remember that old Safire skin made by BazonBloch for Firefox 1.5... it was amazing. Sunken buttons... almost totally customizable. It seems all the great skinners switched to Mac. Nothing to emulate anymore...
  3. Well, since there's none safari skin for Firefox 3 that will work on Windows XP, I please request one.
  4. Great work Carlos! Near to perfection! This app is totally enjoyable! :mad: I use foobar2000 so I'm specially glad about the new component coming. :cool:
  5. Hi guys. You know, it's been a while since this post started. I'm trying to use the png itunes toolbar with foobar0.9.4 and the last version of ui_columns. Tried everything but I can't make it. Help!
  6. Wow! Thank you very much kinsemon. You saved me.
  7. Yeah, me too. No way to make it work. Help much appreciated!
  8. Hi guys. I tried Firefox 2 but I don't like the way it works. I've found that I can do better going back to Firefox 1.5. The thing is that I can't find a link for that Firefox 1.5 Tiger skin called Safire. Searched all over the net and nothing. :confused: Does anybody have a working link? (all the Deviant links are broke). I made a mistake by not saving that file in the past. :slant: If someone has it... can you please pm me? Thanks to all.
  9. You're welcome macdemon. I'm sad because NeXplorer was a great app in its moment. But, the same way, FindeXer is now an option to many people, even those who are not interested in emulating mac. We always wanted control over that left pannel. :cool:
  10. Still in love with this great app.
  11. At this point... I think... what's wrong about Foobar? :confused:
  12. Well... I think that Foobar is the Firefox of audio. Nobody wanted to use it... myself included... but... in the end... Don't get me wrong here, I just think that is a shame that a really good app doesn't have the support it deserves. Thank you Andreas, I know your works, they're excellent.
  13. Hi there. I think it woud be great to have a widget showing Cd Art for us, Foobar users. There's none out there. Some samurize stuff, but they suck. Thanks!
  14. It's ok. I understand what you mean. I didn't wanted to say that CAD should be like a widget, it is not, but, with autohide, it could act like one. I would use it because there's no cd art widget or applet for Foobar. The main feature for me is that, when I run Foobar, and I choose what to listen, CAD should appear just then, when the albums starts playing. And, when it ends, CAD should hide. That's it. Thank you for understanding.
  15. Hi Carlos. I wanted to ask you when CD Art Display is going to work for Foobar2000. I mean, the app is great but, there's no way to make it work with Foobar properly. Playing around with it, I've realized that the only thing I can do is make CD Art run Foobar, and then I will have the two apps running together, but it's embarrassing. The best way should be, having CD Art always running in background minimized, so, everytime I run Foobar, CD Art would recognize it, and appear. Let me say it again: there should be an autohide feature, so CD Art would hide when there's no Foobar (or anoth
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