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  1. I like the idea behind the update (some of the new features and such)... but what I don't like is the fact that they changed the layout of the app and in doing so all the themes that have been updated recently for Tiger (and yes for you windows folk too... I feel your pain) cause iTunes to look... well... f'ugly!!! :slant: What I don't understand is why they would need to change the whole layout of the program to achieve the usability Apple was (in my opinion) shooting for. Could they have not done this update (new style and all) without doing something this drastic? ::Edit:: for you O
  2. Ruler 1.2 Blue Tiger icons Kate Holmes WP mod Its a mac
  3. I don't know if you have a CompUSA in your area but they are having a sale tomorrow (Fri. 9/2/05) called the "midnight madness sale" its from 6pm - 12am (I don't know if thats just the one in my area or not). Anyway in that sale they are selling 512 PNY ram for $30. That brings me to my concern... I am thinking about upgrading my ram to a gig and I don't know if I should just go through Apple or if I should give PNY a chance. Thanks
  4. Sorry for the bump but I thought this would be a better place to ask vs. starting a new thread and separating possibly valuable info from this plethora of info. Anyway... 1) I need a good program for coding HTML and such, I have dreamweaver MX but my teacher wont let anyone use anything but a "text edit" program for hand written code. I have found Tag ($13) and BBEdit ($49 after student discount) and would like to know if anyone has first hand experience with them to say definitely one over the other. 2) I have heard a lot about ****tail and after reading this thread found TinkerTool. I ins
  5. I found something that said you need to have an amazing signal to get through the second "pipe" of authentication... so I went to a part of the school that had a better signal and its worked great after that... go figure. Thats all I did other than follow the tutorial I had in the first post. Thought I would share in case anyone ever had to deal with this
  6. My school just updated the wireless security to a Cisco PEAP GTC system. I have talked to my schools network admin, my schools Cisco person and I have looked everywhere for documentation on how to set it up on my PowerBook. I even talked to an Apple expert. The only thing I have been able to find is a tutorial from the University of Saskatchewan (link) but I cant get it to work. If anyone knows what I need to do or has any help I would appreciate it.
  7. I am going to school for web design and multimedia design, I would use this space to host all my work (portfolio) so my teachers and prospective clients can see what I’m doing with design. I would also love to get some accounts around town to help with the cost of school… it’s a hard sell when I don’t have a website of my own.
  8. Guys, I could use your help! I just got my new PowerBook and got it all set up, networked with my Windows laptop and everything… my problem is that I need to be able to print on the printer I have hooked up to my Win laptop because it is old and still has parallel cables. I have the printer set to share, and I have the Mac set to print to that printer, but when I hit print it sends it off fine, my Windows laptop gets it in the print queue, but it still wont print… :slant: Any and all help is appreciated!
  9. I believe that I would be a great fit for this deal. I start my dual major in Multimedia design and Web design in a month. It would be nice to have a place for my digital resume and also to park all the work I have done/will be doing in a functional web environment as the school doesn’t provide server space for us students. Let me know, [email protected]
  10. Edit: Sorry man, had to cancel it... needed to get to work... will see what I can do when I get home.
  11. I don’t know if anyone else thinks the way I do, but the way I look at this is that by the time the next update comes out you will already be hearing about yet another update… if you keep waiting for the next update you will never get it… and I say this because the computer industry doesn’t like to sit around without the “next big thing” in the works (Microsoft excluded, they never seem to come out with anything worth while )
  12. So does anyone know if Virtual PC will be able to handle apps like 3D Studio Max and other top end software that’s not suported on a mac?
  13. I am/was (think I made up my mind to get one) going through the same thing, so I called apple sales and started asking some questions about it… they told me that the new processors will be coming out next summer. The nice thing about it is that in the keynote Steve Jobs was talking about it being a “phasing out” over the next 2 to 3 years! I am thinking that with the PowerBook being as good as it is now it will be just fine for me. It will also take awhile for the app developers to get everything up to date with the new processors. Granted they have “Rosetta” that translates PowerPC to Intel.
  14. The reason that Windows has sold more than Apple is because there are a LOT of stupid people that use XP. I work for a computer store that I will leave unnamed... and I get about 3 people a week that have a Win95 system and just now heard about XP and NEED to have it regardless of if there system is up to date enough for it... Plus, most of the general computer user population are people that can barley turn the computer on much less know how to use it... so they buy some POS system for $500 that feels like it came from a crackerjack box... For quality comes a price... and that’s what apple ha
  15. I like the look and the idea… but I can’t have this theme and your first Tiger theme… it reads them as Tiger and Tiger2 but WB will only let me have one (when I install one it deletes the other one)! What gives is there something your not renaming that is causing WB to not see them as separate? Also, the “start” button icon (Apple blue sub skin) is deformed for me in Tiger2...
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