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  1. It's a Mac. The "blue colour selection" Tricky is talking about is a colour label. The icon is not highlighted, but labelled. Not sure what program it is. I've seen it before, but I forget the name. DragThing comes to mind. Whoever's screenshot that is is also using TinkerTool to place the dock in the bottom right.
  2. Why not just keep Mail open? It doesn't take much resources... right now on my iMac it's idling and taking only ... 90 megs of RAM. Wow. Okay, well, I have RAM to spare, so... Sorry. I don't know of any other solution. If you're using GMail, you could download the GMail Notifier. But if you want to do it my way, just drag Mail into the Login Items in Accounts in System Preferences, and it'll open automatically at launch, and will check your mail every few minutes (I believe the default is five minutes. You can change it in the General pane in Mail Preferences).
  3. Needs more resolutions... namely... 1440 x 900 And I agree on the no Apple logo.
  4. I'd love to see this as a GUIKit.
  5. First Mac screenshot... I need Shapeshifter...
  6. Just received my iMac G5 yesterday. God, I'm never going back to Windows. I'm already used to this one button mouse
  7. I won't have use for this (my iMac's arriving on Tuesday ) but I can make a suggestion: Is it possible to have the title of the current folder you're browsing as the title of eploriX, instead of it always saying "exploriX"? Or are you already working on that?
  8. God I miss hockey. Nice job on the widget, though.
  9. So the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' and the 'iTunes Music Library.itl' files contain my entire library AND all of my playlists? It updates automatically, I assume?
  10. Thanks for the quick replies! Yes, I'm using iTunes on my Windows PC now, to sync with my iPod. The thing is, I don't really use the iTunes Music folder. I have all my music in its own proprietary folder called "MP3s." There is an iTunes folder in there, that iTunes created, but it's got no music in it, and I have a folder with backups of all my playlists in .txt and .xml format. 'Cause of the weird way I organize my music, it sounds like I'm going to have to rebuild all my playlists... It's no big deal. Most of my playlists are artist specific. A couple are mixes (Oldies, New Rock, etc
  11. I'm purchasing an iMac G5 soon. I have a few questions. I downloaded some software that I believe I might need, and I've sorted out how to use .dmg files, how to mount and burn them, etc., but one piece of software I downloaded came in .CDR files. I'm not sure what these files are for. Are they CD/DVD images? I looked it up on FileEX and there was one entry about disc images for a piece of software by GameJack, but it's for Windows. What's the deal? Did I accidentally download the Windows version of the software? Also, how would one suggest I go about transferring my music collection from my
  12. I am quite sure the Dictionary, Translator, and Unit Converter widgets have their own databases, except for the Unit Converter (in some cases) which can convert currency, in which case it draws the last known exchange rate (from the Internet). You're thinking of grabbing a Mac? Me too. I'm moving to China and I need a new computer. iMac G5. By the way, are you just beginning to learn French? ... You are translating the simplest word in the language.
  13. MP3s do not support bookmarking, and there's no way to convert MP3s to Audible files. The closest solution is to convert your MP3s to AAC M4As, then change the extension to M4B. This will allow you to use iTunes' Bookmarking feature.
  14. I believe that is lee25's work.
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