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  1. I have a similar problem, if MSN windows minimise to the dock, it would be nice if they bounced when alerted or something. But this isn't a request thread so I'll stop before I get told off .
  2. Y'z docklet support is in RK already. Some do not work, but generally it is quite good. try Win Customize for some other docklets.
  3. Only way would be to find a docklet that does this and works on RK launcher. I'd go have a look at www.dockex.com to see if there is a Y'z docklet or a OD Docklet - but be aware that compatibility is still a little rough around the edges, but there is a task docklet somewhere that works I believe.
  4. You can do any of a number of things: OSX-e offer 1000 Panther PNG's that you can use on your dock. Check that out over at www.osx-e.com Search these forums, users have created numerous PNGs WinCustomize is also a great resource for icons http://www.wincustomize.com/
  5. All I feel zachandsuch is that you should be careful because someone may just go to rklauncher.com to download the dock, and then think your site is the "official". And you're latest post on your site does make it seem like it is the official site. I am not trying to get to you, so don't start screaming back posting links to every page on the net that states your rights, I am just expressing my view.
  6. I agree, RK has a right to that domain name...
  7. I second all of those, especially the having it running all the time because it's a pain when you click off.
  8. I had the same problem, I ignored it and it seems to still work ok.
  9. FIRST, go to http://www.google.com, do a search and get the code from it. E.g. http://localhost:4664/&s=THENUMBERSTHATAREHEREq= paste that into the top box, then search from within the preferences panel, and you should get results.. 1. In the preferences dialog, enter some search text and press search 2. In the rawhtml box, near the bottom (scroll down) you will see a link that looks almost exactly like the one I posted on this forum Example: href="/ok?url=%2F%26s%3Dbvizpe2Q5nVGVoHbe9EUUM5w3Xw%26q%3 D&s=QrPJy5VIIOy2D5pinKQbhUs-yxQ">click here to use your unsupported browser 3.
  10. Ok I got it to search, but when I click any image files I get this error: Error in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32SHIMGVW.DLL Missing entry:IMAGEVIEW_FULLSCREEN any ideas? (Great prog. Tom though, love it.)
  11. Still nothing. I have done everything said, but I still just get no results. It remembers my URL and all that, but no results at all.
  12. Yes the link works now. The new navigation headers look better.
  13. It's down, www.rklauncher does not work for me.. shall try again later.
  14. My google IP thing reads "http://localhost:4664" maybe you should change it so that it is localhost rather than a specific IP?
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