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  1. hookers, meth, or both oops this thread is 2 weeks old. i should visit this place more often.
  2. phil ryu really has no affiliation with macthemes anymore
  3. what's wrong with the imac (design wise)? on topic: all of these concepts are stupid. the computer-in-keyboard one is the dumbest. how many of you have spilled soda on your keyboard?
  4. from start to finish, I was thoroughly entertained.
  5. i've dropped my first iphone 2 days after i got it on launch on a tile floor but there was no damage. i dropped it twice in over the summer but there was not much damage. then mine broke and i was waiting to take it to apple. i dropped it on concrete the same day and the back got pretty dented up. then i got a new one from apple. the day after i slipped on ice and it fell over the stairs onto a brick into the snow. there's a dent on the sim tray and in the corner which makes the bezel stick out a bit. the back has a few nicks, also. my old iphone had two tiny scratches on the screen which we
  6. same way dior gets away with charging 400 bucks for jeans
  7. There have been many great things to come out of 2007. Let's look back at some of the best posts posted over at A-S this year. I've chosen hard and looked through many peoples posts. These are the posts of yesteryear. nominees for best post of the year… ME Nominee for most helpful post of the year goes to... ME and now ladies and gentleman, drumroll please while we nominate the dumbest posts of the year… The first nominee goes to… MACOS9FAN! Nominee numero dos goes to no other than… YAMI BAKURA THE POKéMASTER! (note: do to epic epicness of the epicnicity of the
  8. there is only one typeface that truly matters: helvetica
  9. if you guys actually used leopard for more than 5 minutes at the apple store, you'd see that the new UI is not bad at all. i take back everything I said about the dock, menubar, and titlebar widgets. graphite pwnz
  10. what size are they compared to what size you wear? if there's a big difference you should either buy new jeans or take them to a tailor :| if you throw them in the dryer the inseam should shrink, but that's only a one time thing (and not even that noticeable, maybe 2cm if you're lucky). good luck shrinking anything other than the inseam though, the rest will stretch back out by the end of the day
  11. why would a windows user download a dmg and need to burn it to a bootable DVD (presumably dual layer)? fishy
  12. What are you talking about? A website is a website. The iPhone and iPod touch share the same browser and render things exactly the same. The only things that wont work would be phone number and email links. >_<
  13. Maybe I'm missing something here, but can't you just keep it em based? The width of the box and text size would could resize fine...
  14. Go 7200. I have a 5400rpm drive in my macbook pro and can really feel the difference :|
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