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  1. i know this is the icon for gnoppix lock screen i want thislock i have those locks
  2. is this possible to instal windows any version on usb hdd i have made from do it urself kit which contains a logic card and a hard disk samsung 40gb i copied win98 onto it and changed the bios to boot from usbhdd it didn't work
  3. yes win98 live cd http://www.lachiesadicristo.it/w98cd/page1.htm
  4. i have read on one site 2 instal win98 directly on cd ,not winxp which can be made by pe bulider that i know but win98 mind the words on cd
  5. yess to aal fiends skins of mac os x dock real mac os x not for object dock it was on iheartny.com now gone
  6. can anybody give me mack dock skins site or the skins i have converted mac dock skins on iheartny.com for personal use in object dock but contacted the original author.. there was no reply for permission to put up the skin on net what to do
  7. can anyone teel me the code for india,new delhi? ---------------- Topic tagged. Pe8er
  8. is there any program which can run linux softwares on pc i know lindows put it is paid now-a-days
  9. yeaterday spymac worked now its not working and myreal box is not open at this time any other
  10. is there any web mail with free pop3server and/or smptp server to be used with thunderbird except hotmail which i know can be used with oe
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