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  1. i havent been here in a long time, this is quite the find. thanks
  2. Congrats on the switch. I use both kind of computers. And to be honest since January . when I bought my new HP laptop. Vista has not crashed or stop working on me. But I'm glad you're trying something.
  3. here is how you do it. well at least my way of doing it. run->regedit->current users ->control panel ->window metrics. look for this key Shell Icon Size. it will be set at the default 32x32. right click and select MODIFY. a window will appear. select your Icon size. I set up mine at 96x96, cause 128x128 it's too big for my taste. have fun.
  4. just right click at the links, here at aqua soft. it just work for me
  5. use batchmod. this files are the german version..
  6. I wonder if it will support transperency. I t Will rock if it did. but Problaly Stardock never thought about it.
  7. i guess that if he can do this. he does not have to worry about the warranty.. i think he could pretty much fix a problem
  8. do you mind sharing it with me. thanks
  9. if you will paint it. don't do a apple paint job. by the description it looks like you know what you're talking about. my dad painted mine. now my laptop has a chameleon paint job.. it looks great.. you can use it after a day of letting it dry.
  10. do you have them in the right place.. i have place them in the main foobar folder and that make it work for me.
  11. actually I'm ale and she is female. but it was nothing like that . she knows me since I was a kid , so it was mostly a personal gift from her.....
  12. because i didn't pay for mine. it was a gift from my boss...
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