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  1. Well... You>Me with Photoshop... Very nice wall! Very bright though, some color mods would help it I think.
  2. That's a shame. Enhanced labs, at leats I think, was the best custo site out there. If anything, they made people like M$'s look and feel. Why Microsoft shut it down, instead of begging them for some help, is insane. BTW, how come the LHA GuiKit isn't available for download anymore? Is that because of something else along the same lines? Anyways, good luck on the new one pantoni, If it's anything like the last one Im sure itll be amazing.
  3. There's no doubt Id use something like this! Any chance of a mini version?
  4. I just got a Sony P-100 not too long ago, for that same casual shooting you were talking about, and I absolutely love it. Its small, takes good shots, has good options, and is thoroughly ergonomic Plus, it looks sweet If, I'm not already too late, you should check it out... Good luck!
  5. I like this wall. Regardless, of what others might think , Id say it looks pretty good. I might ask for some color variations, if it werent so damn simple to di it myself... Anyways, I like it!
  6. These are excellent XMAN. Any chances of some color ports?
  7. Wow... Nvm that post about Stars being the best wall yet, this one is even better!!! Amazing work Tricky!
  8. This is the best wall you've done so far. It's beautiful! Excellent work again Tricky!
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