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  1. Not my style, but great stuff, this kinda work needs more appreciation for the effort that goes into it
  2. thats the article i was trying to find
  3. Is nobody aware that none of the Xbox games were running off Xboxs? i cant remember where i saw the article, but in all the stands with xbox 360s supposedly running, there were infact two G5s stuffed inside the cases, with the Xbox not even turned on just sitting there on display. LOL
  4. how do u actually install these on the V3, and if i do will it void warranty?
  5. Souds like you have plenty of cash, why not get a dual G5? It's 64bit, wiht an OS that actually takes full advantage of that, all liquid cooled in the top model i think, you can get a couple of 400GB hardrives already, plus the sweet bluetooth keyboard, and with the tricked out Nvidia graphics card (6800 or summint i cant remember), i think you'll be fine! Hey, if it isn't stylish enough for you (though my personal opinion is that they couldnt have done it much better), you could always mod the case a bit, like i see you did to that G3, which i have to conceed looks good
  6. Yeah i got it... haha.. i'll shut up now
  7. What an idiot. The "smaller than most packs of gum" quote was about the iPod Shuffle not the Mac mini haha
  8. yeah, it's similar. Where'd he go?
  9. where can i get those icons shade. they'd go nicely with the other drinx icons i got
  10. CDi

    [release] Ripples

    derelikt, i decided on getting a dev art. i'll upload sum more stuff soon. http://carvetia.deviantart.com
  11. Click image to enlarge. Thanks for the link shmengie
  12. It's called a dalek. The "bad guys" in a long running t.v. series called doctor who. Recently they just relaunched the series, with a new story etc etc, and that is a dalek from the new series. Yes they look like evil dustbins, but that's just the way it is.
  13. cool calender shmengie, how'd u get that?
  14. hey i can always help u out with photoshop and grpahics if u need, just drop me a line. EDIT: in no way do i mean to sound patronising.
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