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  1. only pity is that system preferences doesn't have a "software" tab, which is why I can't use this to replace control panel, I need to use "add and remove programs" so often. nice work otherwise, I was surprised to see CPU-z pop up when I installed flyakite yesterday
  2. Not really done yet, I'm having some troubles with the menu bar, so I left it out for now. Making screenies is a bit weird for me, since I have 2 equal sized 19 inch monitors at different resolutions. So, while the 2 images match up nicely for me, they don't as far as windows knows. But I did my best to patch it up a bit in photoshop, and I must say I'm quite content with what I did CLEAN - DIRTY yeah, I call it clean, because believe me, winamp never leaves my desktop What I'm using: Flyakite OSX 3.5 iPod Nano Winamp 5 skin by Sebastian Kroll iChat for Trillian 3- Milk b
  3. I installed Finderbar according to all the instructions on Landvermesser's site, and all it does is make all my applications dissapear from my taskbar. however the dropdown menus, though clearly there, are not clickable, they're just text printed on the taskbar. and the apple button is still the start menu. what am I doing wrong? I installed v1.0 and then copied in the update to v1.03
  4. oh I'm sorry, I looked in 3rd party apps but couldn't find a forum for it there
  5. oh, well I'll ask around at the miranda site perhaps. but which one are you actually using?
  6. no makes no difference. what should I be using, the ansi or the unicode version? i used unicode most of the time, but also tried ansi.
  7. that works, thanks. the only annoying thing about it though is it doesn't accept different icons for full and empty recycle bin....
  8. I completely uninstall and remove the Miranda folder before making every new attempt. and the dll woks everytime until I put in either one of the clistmodern files. only thing i dont do between installs is clear the registry, but considering it works as long as I dont have the modern contact list in I wouldn't think thats necessary. EDIT: I downloaded the dll, and it doesn't show the error now. however the clistmodern.dll doesn't show up in the list of plugins, so I cant click on it. even though I clearly extracted it into plugins, and can see the file in there.
  9. darn it. I also tried Objectdock, which I was happy with when I had one monitor... but no avail. Is there any program that can do this? Or am I missing something in ObjectDock? Or should I buy Pro?
  10. I have RKLauncher (the one that came with FlyakiteOSX, not that it makes any difference) and it defaults to showing up on what I have set by my nVidia card as 'primary display'. however the reason I have it set as primary is because I want my games to go on there. therefor I want everything windows related on the other desktop (trillian and startmenu eg) If I go to Settings --> Position there is an option there called "Enable multi monitor support", but unfortunately it is greyed out. anyway around this?
  11. just a tip: only use partition magic on completely blank hard drives. I used it to adjust some sizes once and ended up losing about 200GB of data. however for a blank hard drive it should serve you just as well as the partition tool that comes with on the windows CD, which is what I use, since the only time I partition is when I install windows.
  12. OK, I started to follow this tutorial, I did all the install steps, but the one problem I had was that clistmodern came with 2 versions, a unicode, and a something else I cant remember that starts with an A version. so which one do I use? When I used the unicode version I Got this error message when I went to the Options --> Plugins: And when I use the clistmoderna version I get the error when first starting miranda, and again when I got to the plugins. what am I doing wrong?
  13. interesting.... is there such a thing now? I haven't been here for a while, so forgive me if it's somewhere obvious.
  14. this is pretty boonish, but the last time I was aqua skinning was around may 05, so it's been a while for me. anyway, I had a pretty thourough skin going back then, but one thing I did notice was it definely slowed down my comp (1gig cpu 128meg ram). Now I have an a lot faster computer, lock stock and loaded with RAM, but I still want to have as much performance as I can out of it, even if I do skin. In the past I've used StyleXP and WindowBlinds, and maybe something else that escaped my memory, but the question on my mind right now is, what swallows the least ressources, and yet still gets
  15. assuming you were using an IDE hard drive you would, since power and data runs on one plug. A simple adapter like this would suffice. However I have a sATA hard drive, which is exactly the same standard as for 3.5", so I don't need any kind of adapter. The other thing one needs to bear in mind is how to mount the drive, you can either get rails to fit it into a 3.5" or 5.25" bay, or what I did was suspend it with elastic, which is cheaper, and it decouples the hard drive from the case, reducing any vibration noise.
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