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  1. I had used this on XP and missed it when I upgraded to Win7 Pro x64, but found that it does work with this OS. However I am having one little annoyance that didn't exist on XP (that I did want but now regret wanting that, doh): whenever I click on an item, it opens in a new explorer window. Is there a way to disable this? Thanks. FindeXer version: b538 Edit: Now I remember why I wanted the items to open in new windows....QTTabbar. I found a version that works on 7 and now everything is as it should be (items open in new tabs now, w00t).
  2. I'm curious about this too. I know this problem existed in Vista and I'd love to have my pidlshortcuts show the contents and folder size again.
  3. Was checking out how much space my media folder is using, and I noticed an interesting discrepancy. According to the pidlshortcut, the folder is using 516gb -1322 files. But according to Windows XP, it's actually 636gb - 1322 files. Avedesk seems to not be able to read certain file sizes, like .ts files and some other HD formats. The pidlshortcut has no problem reading the total size on disk for the entire drive, but it's only off for the folder. Is there a fix for this? Avedesk 1.3 on XP Pro SP3 x32.
  4. Yeah I read about it on some other forums too, blah!
  5. I've been using TheWeather desklet for ages, and all of a sudden it's no longer giving a read-out, as if my internet connection is down (which it's not). When I go to the link that is used in the config (which is here) it gives me the following error: <error> <err type="14">Missing XOAP 'link' parameter in request.</err> </error> I haven't changed anything in the config, it just started doing this yesterday. Is there a way to fix this to get it working again? Thanks.
  6. Wow how very constructive and helpful of you.
  7. Ok...think I just discovered something. It's not that it's not changing...it's just that it can't seem to read anything above 2048 as free. When I have programs open that use more ram, it'll show less ram free, but if anything more than 2048 is free, it won't go above that. Example: RAM: Used: 917/3056MB (29% Load) [that leaves 2139 free, but only displays 2048 free] Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
  8. I just added more RAM to my machine (3x1GB) but my SysStyles script keeps reading a constant 2048mb free, it's not changing. I can't figure out what the problem is. Is there some kind of limitation where it won't work with over 2GB ram? Is this something with sysstats itself? Seeing as how I don't know anything about all this scripting, any help would be appreciated.
  9. Uh because it's a wallpaper? And because this is a customization site?
  10. It's been a while since I've used IPB, but I know there are a *ton* of mods available, might be a mod for it (instead of built-in)? *shrugs*
  11. The skin looks great , but will we be getting the post hover preview feature back? That thing was quite useful.
  12. What can I say...I'm a sci-fi geek.
  13. Odd, I tried looking for them on Target and got nothing. But I managed to order a Darth Vader from Amazon, one of many to come. Some are definitely more expensive than others, oy. Star Wars FTW.
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