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  1. I have search high and low for how to interface with the apple remote, and have found nothing for the windows world... i am trying to use the MS ehome IR receiver to detect the signal. the red led flashes, but no indication other than that. low level keyboard hooks dont return anything. from what i have read, i need a driver for the device, is this true? i am trying to add some functionality to an iTunes alarm clock project, and if i could get some help, id more than likely post the prog when its solidified. any help would be greatly appreciated. preferred language is vb.net, but any examples will do at this point. thx
  2. sorry if someone has already posted this issue: when using traditional alt+tab, the WinExposeWnd shows up in the list, it would be nice to have that removed... i have gone through countless other expose clones, and have always found something that didnt work right, usually because they try to do too much... but one looks promising, it does what it says, and it does it well! a future feature request is to have a function similar to expose where the windows float off the screen to reveal the desktop. just a suggestion. thanks for the great app!
  3. thanks! i will try it as soon as i get a chance. what do i need to include for Matrix type? and do you have a more in depth example? like a demo app with source code i can look at? thanks again andrew nevermind, figured out the matrix part, but im still not sure how to use it, please attach full demo app/source code if possible, thanks again!
  4. this request for help is for anyone who knows how to draw rotated text in vb.net i know "how" to do it, as in the function calls, but it doesnt make any sense to me now to position anything. im looking for this help to further develop launcher (yea its still around and being developed slowly) what i want to do is the following: the following image is what launcher looks like when its docked to the top of the screen and i would like to be able to dock launcher to the left and right of the screen as well... so it would look like so: but i cannot for the life of me get it even close to that... the text is not even viewable, its off to the side somewhere, and i cannot find a consistent (or even correct way at this point) to getting the text to show in the correct position. any guidance would be greatly appreciated. thanks everyone! mmanson132 edit: sorry if the tag is missing... i saw what looks like a new dropdown on the create thread page and i thought that would take are of tags... oops
  5. for those of you who are waiting for m-plugin so your multimedia keyboards work, you may want to look at this: MKOSD - Multimedia Keyboard on Screen Display its a program i wrote not to long ago that has some nice features and should tide you over until m-plugin is updated. one thing to note though, if itunes is the active window, the button pressed will be process twice possibly.
  6. not sure if anyone else has this problem with iTunes. if i have iTunes set to minimize to tray, when i minimize it the thumbnail shows up (like it should), but when i restore iTunes (double click on the thumbnail), i cannot get itunes to minimize again without going to the tray icon and clicking show itunes, then i can get it to minimize again, but the process starts all over again next time i restore iTunes. so i guess exclusion list would fix this problem, but didnt know if it was a possible bug or if this might occur with any apps that minimize to tray thunderbird works ok with the extension to minimize to tray.. so it might be just iTunes. thanks for the spectacular release and keep up the outstanding work!
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