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  1. I would actually use the space to learn more about design, and also as a pub both for releases here, and as a virtual chalkboard for some of the sites im in the middle of designing.
  2. hey, this has probably be brought up many a time... but the dashboard widgets, are made to be tested in safari, or firefox... why can the code simply be translated for one of the windows apps? EDIT: ah yes, i found out myself, i didnt realize they used cocoa in the widgets... ah well..
  3. is there a reason why i cant change the finder icon using candybar?
  4. is there a way to mass convert about 50ish icons? on a MAC?
  5. like this..... but for all of them (like a full candy bar replacement)
  6. they are icon resource files tho.... wouldnt that be repetitive? (each icon has like 6 different sizes) and that app is for pc right? im on a mac! i just want this icon in a greenish color!!
  7. I have a set of icons, i did not make... but i only plan on using myself, not to release to the public.... they are pict resource files, that are only openable in iconographer from what i know (photoshop didnt work). i just want to replace one color (grey) with another color, a greenish color... each icon only has 2 colors... so it seems like it would be pretty easy... but i dont know how on a mac... any help?
  8. and he said... this thread shall be BUMP-ed!
  9. wow, thats pretty good... ill take it... think you could do one without the cd? (just the notes)
  10. i was hoping someone could make a music video icon combining the movies and the itunes icons together.... hopefully in a format i could use on my mac
  11. Hey you guys, Anyone here have a couple of minutes to through a quick design together? it doesnt have to be by any means a aqua "flavored" site, i just need a template for quick editing. preferably a template that uses iframes. if you guys are curious, its to replace www.glasswork.us. as you can see, it looks very "yahoo site builder"-ish, but at the moment, i dont have the time to throw something together (it takes me alot longer than some of the other people here.) if you're willing to help, feel free to im me at innocuoussoul and i can give you the other really small details. thank you soo
  12. Hey, Thanks to Duckie, and AndreasV for this wonderful app... and thanks the Unknown..... that worked really well
  13. a second preview option would be fine.... having a "preview with avepreviewer" would be fine for a right click
  14. i understand you can change the association of it... but is there any way to change the "preview" right click menu to goto ave preview instead of windows picture and fax viewer.
  15. has anyone figured out how to get this to replace the windows picture and fax viewer??
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