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  1. Thanks, Jack, i've corrected it.
  2. Theme - Samui 2.0 Green Tweak wallpaper - Mojito (slightly modded) from Bacardi Mojito Font - Calibri Icons - Crème by AveTenebrae, and big mix in the dock Preview - Frenchsnapshot by Ultra'
  3. Thème: Fantastic Special Edition (personal use) Wall: something to match the theme Icons: Minite by Vanilla Soap & Panache Drives by Louie Mantia (all recolored) Font: Calibri & Futura
  4. Theme - Fantastic by Ultraman, available here wallpaper - Rex Club by Ultraman, available here Adium - RulerAGV2 white status icons by Gerrit icns - Minite by Vanilla Soap (white recolored) & Flat Bezels by ave (also recolored) Font - Swis721 Synergy - skin created from Fantastic screenshot, included in theme package
  5. Thème: RulerMilk Purple Wall: Swirl by me Icons: Big mix
  6. Thème: RulerMilk Pink (tweaked) Wall: Babyface by bioscoop Icons: Samui, Agua and more Adium: iBubble status icons recolored Music: dashboard artwork modded
  7. Thème: RulerMilk Green Wall: Milkyway by me
  8. Theme - STOMP 1.3 by Susumu wall - Tomb Raider Legend icons - Vanilla Cream and mixed in the dock
  9. 1600 x 1200 1280 x 1024 based on sduidfingers' pattern.
  10. Theme - Truth by Susumu wall - by me, based on squidfingers' patterns icons - Minite by VanillaSoap, white mod by me
  11. 1600 x 1200 Mery Christmas and Happy New Year 2006 to all of you!
  12. Theme: RulerMilk Graphite Wall: Mask Off by me Font: HandelMod Music: DM Precious Remix by Sasha
  13. Please, Ronnie Don't say me what kind of walls i must to make. If you don't like, just say nothing. You are simply impolite.
  14. 7 simple colorfull patterns to match my RulerMilk Mod. Just tile it
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