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  1. shmengie: http://www.kodawarisan.com/imac_intel/imac_intel003.html It shows all three.
  2. I love my iPod because I don't like carrying around 493 CD's and a CD player. // Lou
  3. boo hiss. how come you're never on aim, only msn sometimes? // Lou
  4. That SO reminds me of the Grinch. "I'm an idiot!" "You're an idiot!" // Lou
  5. you lewd rude crude bag o' prechewed food dude! // Lou
  6. Does anyone happen to have an application for the KOOT (Kings of Off-Topic)? Simon? Wizard? Anyone? I need to fill one out. // Lou
  7. The wall might be released later. // Lou
  8. Gawsh, I love Pulp Fiction, now you got me in the mood. I'll have to watch the movie again, just to see if there are any memorable 'walls'... ooh... the bullets that missed eh? They hit a wall. We'll see! // Lou
  9. Shade 45: its called Stattoo by Panic // Lou
  10. argh, sorry, fixed the spelling you mentioned, ill go back and check everything again... i changed a few words around from my previous text, and i must have missed tenses, etc... as for you, pat, the padding needs to be fixed, yes, in ie and firefox it looks fine, its just safari... so yea. // Lou
  11. preview: http://img420.imageshack.us/img420/4928/screenshot1na.png screenshot: http://lou.needlemen.com/screenshots/1%203%202006.png // Lou
  12. the colors match, don't they? // Lou
  13. Overhaul redesign! Just thought I'd let you know.. www.louiemantia.com // Lou
  14. wow, that is quite the... thread bump isnt it? // Lou
  15. so lets link to the virus infected files! omg quick, disable all images on a-s! this is now.. a-s lite! // Lou
  16. wow man, blue year?! HAHAHHAHAHAAA! // Lou
  17. everytime i hear non-alcoholic beer, it reminds me of bad news bears // Lou
  18. I don't drink beer. I drink BAWLS and Mountain Dew (all flavors). // Lou
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