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  1. Those're Panther anyway. // Lou
  2. Guys, come on, all he did was put the logo on a blank canvas. It took no effort whatsoever, same with the other "minimalistic walls" of Lost and the Apple logo. God you guys have no taste. // Lou
  3. Woo hoo. So this guy put the Boot Camp logo on a blank canvas. And you give him "credit"?! Lord. And what the crap is that 'Burn' wall? WTF?! // Lou
  4. 2.95810473! That's as fast as I can do it... so far. // Louie
  5. The Rhythm Section Jam Pack, I think, would work well. It has Caribbean Steel Drums too. // Louie
  6. I would now like to present something that I've been working on for quite some time now. It all started with my determination to make a photorealistic internal drive. I always had stuck with making external-like drives, and I never really delved into realism (as this set has). When I created the internal drive, I couldn't stop, I made folders, the network globe, Finder, and more, until... I had everything. A system set. I'd like to thank David Lanham for his inspiration and guiding me in the right direction, Michael Gonzalez for his words of wisdom and pushing me along, Stephan Geyer fo
  7. 7th Day: 7th Preview. // Louie Mantia
  8. 6th Day: 6th Preview. // Louie Mantia
  9. 5th Day: 5th Preview. // Louie Mantia
  10. 4th Day: 4th Preview. // Louie Mantia
  11. I don't mind him pulling the free hosting, but I do have a problem with how he handled it and failed to tell us before he did it so we had a day at least to back our stuff up.
  12. I can't even get into my FTP anymore. I'm done for. He could have at least emailed the people who had accounts to tell us this. I'm at a loss of my files and am now out of a host for my downloads. I understand it was free and all, but he still could have warned us. // Louie Mantia
  13. 3rd Day: 3rd Preview. // Louie Mantia
  14. 2nd Day: 2nd Preview. // Louie Mantia
  15. Hm... no. He meant that they are so good they could be Leopard's defaults. lol // Louie Mantia
  16. Good news gnomexp, the icons are absolutely complete (with the exception of... 1). It will, in fact, come before my birthday. I will have to decline on the request for a 512 version, but I did make 128, 48, 32, and 16 as shown above. // Louie Mantia
  17. I might be able to whip something up, depends on my busy-ness. No promises.
  18. don't we have a "i got mac hardware" thread?
  19. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=1280x768&sa=N&tab=wi (also, 1920x1200 is a close ratio, so you might want to download desktop pictures in that resolution )
  20. I understand your concern, however, that's not how the button is shaped. See there? There is a depth to the button, it isn't all round.
  21. Someone over at MacThemes was having a little trouble creating "The Easy Button" from Staples. I thought I'd help him out. I included a PSD. Link to MacThemes thread: http://www.macthemesforums.net/viewtopic.php?p=79642#79642
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