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  1. Chazoul. Remove those icons please. Do not redistribute. // Lou
  2. Widescreen | Fullscreen // Louie Mantia
  3. Windows | Mac OS X | Pixadex Windows | Mac OS X | Pixadex // Louie Mantia
  4. The big images on the front page are just previews, quick links to new and quality stuff. And yea, the sidebar is really there for advertising me and downloads. Sorry it confused you. // Lou
  5. Just wanted you guys to be aware that I've got a new refined site up, with WORKING downloads. http://louiemantia.com/ There are a few new goodies like Poké Ball icons, Bawls icons, and the updated Empire desktop. (Also for you little Winnie users here , there are six more AveTunes skins in the zip archive.) // Louie Mantia
  6. If there is payment involved, you might want to mention it. // Lou
  7. Don't be too critical. The "Genie Effect" is no more useful than this, but both are FUN. And I'm sure that was the intention. // Lou
  8. One was not created for the movie, but if you want, you could download each song from the movie from iTunes or something, and create one yourself. A list of the songs can be found here: http://www.us.imdb.com/title/tt0421054/soundtrack // Lou
  9. People aren't going to listen to SanDisk. "Normal" people don't even know who SanDisk is. It is funny, its commendable (I guess), but no one is going to listen to them over their friends, family, and the rest of the world who have iPods. Just my opinion.. // Lou
  10. I don't want to seem like I'm bashing or ungrateful, but that email two months before this happened was not a 'back all your stuff up, we're going down,' it was instead a 'if you wanna move the stuff yourself, go for it, if not, we'll do it for you later.' So here I am, assuming it will be moved automatically at a later time. Not true. Then I failed to get an email before you decided to close it all down. A day or so would have been sufficient. I'm not saying this to complain, I'm saying this because if you wan't to start a hosting company, I want you to be successful and have good custom
  11. I used a midi file to help with the music, the percussion that came with it sucked, so I stripped it, and I created the percussion with my MIDI input, Keystation by M-Audio and tweaked it in Garageband, etc. It was a lot of moving pieces, cutting, pasting, arranging, deciding what goes where, with what instrument, etc. // Lou
  12. Actually, it wasn't that funny. The first frame was okay, but the next two were kind of lame. And while the commercials reflect an "I'm better than you" connotation, I think they do well, lots of people have asked me followup questions after they saw them on TV. // Lou
  13. Full Orchestra version perfected, Piano version perfected, Electronic version added. // Lou
  14. There is NOT an icon for the application (by Apple). // Lou
  15. Hi. Okay okay, look at this amazingness. http://www.starwars.com/episode-iv/release...ws20060503.html I think I'm going to cry I'm so happy! // Lou
  16. Oo, I just got that thing about the draft in the mail yesterday *shudders* Thanks guys // Lou
  17. OS X 10.0 - Cougar? OS X 10.1 - Puma OS X 10.2 - Jaguar OS X 10.3 - Panther OS X 10.4 - Tiger OS X 10.5 - Leopard // Lou
  18. I worked days upon days, hours upon hours on this with my friend Rachel, and this is what came out: He's A Pirate (Full Orchestra) He's A Pirate (Piano) He's A Pirate (Electronic) He's A Pirate (Caribbean Rock) Tell me what you think! Update: All perfected, etc. Added Electronic version. Update 2: Added Caribbean Rock version, it's interesting. // Lou
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