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  1. shmengie slept with a wild panda bear in june of last year. oh... nevermind, we're supposed to lie. // Louie
  2. Honestly, I would use some of your wallpapers if you didnt slap a huge freaking watermark on it. I mean, I support you and all, but I am not going to pay $8 (I know that sounds like I'm a cheapskate) for something I can get an alternate of anywhere else. // Lou
  3. He says he did that so that the images load faster, and yea, I think he did it in Photoshop. It logs the IP so it can match you if you win. You have to click on the ad so they get money to give to you. If you don't trust it, don't use it. It's the real deal. And I'm not saying that because I get referrer points. If I did, there'd be a referrer ending to the url, which there isn't. // Lou
  4. I can see where some people may see this as spam or a scam, one or both of the two, but it's not. If you're still interested in reading about things which are neither spam or scams: This website is like a little lotto. You choose seven numbers and enter your name and email, click on one ad at the end of the submit page, and you have a chance to win up to $100* (the number will grow). I know you're skeptical and I didn't explain it all, so I'll let you read the rules and FAQ yourself if you so choose. *cash will be transferred into a "prize" such as a DVD, iPod, or anything else from an el
  5. I don't want to be completely negative, but what is this site that no other site is? // Lou
  6. Metallic red paint (on the hood of Lightning McQueen, I suppose). // Louie
  7. Widescreen | Fullscreen // Louie Mantia
  8. Windows | Mac OS X | Pixadex // Louie Mantia
  9. Windows | Mac OS X | Pixadex // Louie Mantia
  10. convert your ico's to png's with aveiconifier. // Lou
  11. Of course they're made from scratch. What do you think I am? Cutout King? // Lou
  12. Windows | Mac OS X | Pixadex // Louie Mantia
  13. There is no such thing as a "taskbar" in Mac OS X. And judging by your last comment/question, it seems you're stuck in a Windows world. // Lou
  14. any icons in particular? edit: Okay, I just tested out what you're telling me, and you're right, I'm getting some transparency issues or something. I was curious, so I opened up the icon in IconWorkshop and saved it. I made no changes whatsoever and then it works now, no problem with transparency in RKLauncher. I don't really know what to tell you, it might be that I zipped them up using a Mac? *shrugs* How about you convert them to png to use with Windows docks? Doesn't AveIconifier do that? // Lou
  15. WinXPro, I don't seem to be having a problem. Try redownloading the icons. The é might make the folder look funky, but it should be okay. // Lou
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