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  1. Since we are providing mainly online film and video, nope, dial-up is not an option I'm afraid. Or yeah it is, if you have the patience..
  2. well at this moment it just is our logo, but in the future urgent messages or updates will be stated on that very first page, so you don't have to look all over the website to find something new.. i hope that justifies it a bit for you, but thanks a lot for the comments!
  3. Hey kids and oldies, Our new website is online, yihaa! http://www.aerialsfilm.be/ Well, I could beg you to visit it, but I'm not. Drop us a line! Kingdom Aerials
  4. Yeah, you even need adsense to be web 2.0.. That's bullshit!
  5. These scores are very alike.. 5-5-4.. Almost a tie-break!
  6. You might be right, I guess that has to do with me using a 24inch monitor, so I don't see the difference fast. I'll keep it in mind!
  7. Thanks for the comments, i guess you are right, it's about the public we want to reach with the website, but still further comments are very welcome.
  8. Hey hey, For my new website I'm looking for the best compression to show off our clips. Like on my website http://www.aerialsfilm.be/v3/ at the bottom, but the quality can be better. I'm using Compressor on a Mac to compress them, but is there a better program or are there more presets available? I'm kinda looking for the ones they use on the Apple Movie Trailers site, but I can't manage to find. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey boys and girls, I need your opinion on this one. I'm designing a website for Aerials, and was wondering what design has your favour, please tell me why too. Please keep in mind I have only designed the home page with each design. The links: http://www.aerialsfilm.be/ - Original http://www.aerialsfilm.be/Site02/ - Design 2 http://www.aerialsfilm.be/v3/ - Design 3 http://www.aerialsfilm.be/v5/ - Design 5 [urlhttp://www.aerialsfilm.be/v6/[/url - Design 6
  10. Got myself my iMac 24" with 2GB RAM and a 256MB RAM GPU. So far, running smooth.
  11. Connecting it to a canopus, is that an option? I'm also afraid of not reaching the HD quality, but a full HD TV costs like 5000 EUR at least here..
  12. Hey everybody, has been a long time since I've been here, and I'm happy to be back, especially now I have the means to be back for a long while. So I got rid of my PC and I bought me a brand new iMac 24inch with an extra 2GB RAM and a 256MB videocard. Recently I was amazed to see that the new PlayStation 3 will have a HDMI output, for a full 1080i HD display. I was wondering, is there any way that I can attach the PS3 to my Mac? And if so how? I would already be very happy if I could just use my iMac as an HD display monitor for the PS3. Is that possible? If so, how? Just thinking of
  13. Very good my friend.. very good.
  14. Anybody knows Covenant? I think they kick ass.. (They changed their name to The Kovenant later on.) Oh and comments on http://www.paperdoll.be/ra/ are still welcome.
  15. Looking damn cool. Now a usual question.How about a 1600x1200 version?
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