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  1. sorry but I'm not using avedesk anymore (nothing actually) I might try it out this week but try to get into the config/settings of the desklet and make sure the x & y are within your screen bounds if I get around to trying it out I'll make a fix for it if needed, watch deviantart and this thread
  2. very nice to see something like this and it's kind of you to include other programs than Kapsules only
  3. had a theme similar to this one but didn't like the small font this looks perfect tho might use it for my new desk
  4. November desk been a few months but I finally made one Check at I'm A Fake or DeviantArt
  5. Andreas, just a quick question will it be possible to make avedesk interact with winamp like it does with iTunes (avetunes)? maybe 1.3 is a bit better for this than 1.2? maybe I'll try to make a simple "amptunes"
  6. tried everything that comes in the default packages + the desklets from the website automounter aveinst file doesn't install for me, had to do it manually I like this release alot, can't wait for the SDK to come out waiting for some new creative and original desklets, will try to pull something out too %f
  7. was waiting for it, installed 1.2 yesterday after format and now you release it just great gonna install it now and I'll let know my thoughts and fav desklet
  8. yeah sorry thought so o:-) but double posting too I think
  9. Very nice desk man inspires me a bit original and I like the total feel of it (tho it's just a screenshot )
  10. pretty cool is it possible to port the transparent VS to msstyle? thx
  11. hehe nice icons there great job
  12. lol I'm sorry, guess I must 've thought that you were talking about mine well SirSmiley hasn't made an installer yet so you have to get it or if you installed my version you already have it so just select it in the proporties...
  13. normally it should check for the slideeffectlet, if you don't have it, the installer should download it strange, gonna check this out on another puter edit: tried to install the aveinst package and it works and slides so...
  14. nice skin gonna give this one a try on my septembre desktop
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