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  1. If you drop the exe files instead of a shortcut to the app the indicators work. At least for me.
  2. Easy search would do: http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=51268
  3. Glad you like the screenshot. I converted most of the icons to png. I'll send them to you if you want. Check your PM.
  4. Thanks for a great docklet! I've tested this for a while now, both with Objectdock and Avedesk. And it crashes every now and then when it's checking for mails. Pretty often actually. And it's not because of missing internet connection. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks for a great dock! One issue I've had since the beginning is the Control panel icon on the dock - it doesn't launch Control panel when clicked. I have Vista.
  6. Yes, even 4.3 worked for me. Thanks!
  7. I have the same issues. Using Vista Ultimate. The attached image show the error messages I get when starting the dock.
  8. I adjusted the background icon and the animation graphics so it doesn't "flicker".
  9. Works really good for me so far! One hotspot function could be to start the screensaver. Just a thought.
  10. Do you need to shout..?!? What has the avatar to do with anything?...give me a break!
  11. I think it does. Can't remember really, don't have a computer with Vista at the moment. Try it out!
  12. I recommend CD Art Display 1.0 (soon to be 2.0). Supports most popular media players, including Winamp. Get it here: http://www.cdartdisplay.com/index.php?categoryid=13 And then get the Coversutra skin for CDAD here: http://neodesktop.deviantart.com/art/Cover...RT-RC1-63888635
  13. Try X-Mouse Button Control. Works great! http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm
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