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  1. Excellent work. In my case, though the opening is faster enough, the navigation between folders inside the stack and grid mode is much slower than the previous version (2.06). I'm running XP.
  2. Correct me if i´m wrong, but i believe that the animation of the background, in Mac, starts by being transparent 100 % and gets darkened progressively until the stack opens completely
  3. Congratulations, best docklet ever. Anyway, I´ve noted you change the animation in grid mode. I think doesn´t work very well with many items (too slow and delay between items and background). Personally, I like more the animation you use in version Again, excellent job.
  4. Do you change the animation in grid mode? I use every update you have made and i think the old animation was better (i mean the one included in version, for example). Anyway, as always excelent job!
  5. Congratulations, great update I have a problem (maybe a bug). In fan mode, when i click in some icons instead of open the file o folder, it open the next above. It also happens in grid mode, but in the margins. The image in the attachment explains the bug better.
  6. I have exactly the same problem. Don´t knok how to solve it. Out of that, the docklet works to the perfection
  7. Found a bug. In grid mode, if you click near the limit of the container, it will open the following item in the folder. Check the picture
  8. Sorry, but where can i download it?
  9. Here is v1.0.0.28 StackDocklet_v1.0.0.28.zip
  10. I´ve tried. Works correctly, except with the folders that have "punto" (sorry my english) in their names.
  11. Hi, Matonga. As always, great job. Found this: web.mac.com/oddysseey/A_Hard_Days_Programming/A_Hard_Days_Programming/Entries/2008/1/19_Stacks_done_right!.html Is it possible implement that in your docklet?
  12. Hi, Matonga. I have the last version and still can´t use drag and drop in my ObjectDock v1.0 (the name of the file is too large). I though that was my PC, but I installed RocketDock and there the stacks works fine. Any idea why is that? Thanks
  13. Hi, Matonga. I use de last version of your docklet and still can´t use the drag and drop function. The rest works perfectly. I was out for a few days. Back then, you posted this: "Mmm... no idea. I don't know how to reproduce the error. May I PM you a test version of Stack Docklet to get a closer look to the problem?" My english sucks, i can´t understand what you need. ¿Que pruebe una version especial en mi máquina? Seguro, ningún problema. Enviala a [email protected] Thanks
  14. No man. And I´ve tried with different kind of files: jpg, doc, mp3.
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