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  1. To load images : Option/Confidentialities (Something like that...)/Général : Uncheck The red point
  2. (Hope it's post in the right section) Hello ! I'd like to know how I can put a background/pattern to my windows (on Windows XP) ? Like here or in the Buuf' icons set folders : Thanks a lot in advance, See ya !!
  3. Buy Fape, that's a shame. But, Bape is really expensive. :mad:
  4. I don't play video game a lot/at all, but I would prefer the Sony Playstation 3.
  5. Aww ! Thank you so much for sharing this theme, I really needed it ! Thanks again.
  6. Hello everybody, I am looking for the V.O.I.D theme for Firefox. I can't find it anywhere and vkeios is banned. So please, could you share this theme. Please.
  7. I don't use RK Launcher anymore but it was my favourite dock.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your work.
  9. Release ?? xD Sorry, I don't know for this one.
  10. haha 1-1-1, for me it's the Design 2 or the Original.
  11. This is great, mate ! Thanks
  12. Yeah, BringThaNoize is cool, thanks nightcrawler !
  13. Amazing work, that's clean ! Congrats !
  14. I think this guy (David Pogue) is totally ironical Or if i believe in what he said he should be fired by Donald Trump... (why The Donald ? hu ? why not !)
  15. Looks good. Does CS3 can be faster than CS2 ??
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