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  1. Hi Again guys! im a mac ****ie ... Im lookking for a cd recovery tool for Os X (just like Iso Buster for windows. ) This app shows cd´s sesions and it´s files even the cd is damaged... hope you know about something like that ! Thank YOU!! SEE ISO BUSTER
  2. Hi aqua-softians!! tIm usually run MSN 3.5.1 on my his iBook G4 but i alwayas have the same problem: it automatically sings me out without any reason This also happens on my friend's iMac i do wonder is there any other application that supports same protocol that msn messenger for mac ! i do hope there are many so i better ask where are they ?? >.
  3. Sorry i did not see that smiley animation Using GNOME Now and it's beatful as KDE looks like i won't decide witch to use ..... for my luck i dont have to choose i can run both (Y) ok now i have to see witch one is best for "aquafy-ing" propourses suggestions ? PD: sorrry again about the :moon:, was funny
  4. Hello AS Comunity I've just installed Linux Suse 9.0 (5 cds) on my PC I feel so excited about having a new OS running om my computer.. i`ve been a windows user since ever >. Your post will be appreciated .. Thank You :moon:
  5. hello Aqua-people !! i have a little question: What should i buy ??? >.< >.< i have to choose betwen a Sony Vaio or an iBook!! Sony vaio would be : P4 2.4GHZ 512MB 15" XGA 40GB DVD-CDRW 56K/NIC XP Home 32mb Ati Radeon Vcard 1 FireWire 2 USB (etc) iBook would be: 14.1-inch TFT XGA display 933MHz PowerPC G4 256K L2 cache @933MHz System bus @ 133MHz 256MB DDR SDRAM 40GB Ultra ATA drive DVD-CDRW Combo Drive ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 with 32MB dedicated video memory 10/100BASE-T Ethernet Built-in 56K v.92 modem 1 FireWire 400
  6. Alchool 120% !!! Nice appp... but i still cant sleep yet...... can we aquafy it ?? it would be great (Y)
  7. I've used clone cd for burning my back-ups disks since it was v.2 but now in the version 4.x 50% of the cds i burn do not work ...... <_< do you guys know about another application similar to elby's Clone cd (but a working one :rant: )
  8. Very cool skin Rolando keep working sir :who's your daddy:
  9. What a very difficult question!!!!! I love them all!!! But im thinking rigth now!! Thaks Again sir!! i hope some day i learn how to work (just a litle) like you!! :cry:
  10. (Y) IM mpreess!! What an excellent work!!! WOW it´s just amazing!!!! Thanks Dav, uhohzitzcooky, lou_dude88 & Mihaly !!! God bless you all!! G-Mina I cant see this one :baby: THANKS AQUA-Lovers!!
  11. Anything!!! Just free Your mind!! (BTW Image-text and bllue color!! :boob shake: )
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