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  1. Good abstract resources from that zip... but I particularly want the beach and space pics. Anyone have those?
  2. ricky

    Italk Teaser

    Nice work. In a couple weeks, I can start cracking down on the AIM/Oscar protocols if you like. I'd love to see iTalk work for AIM, so I'd definitely be willing to help out. I don't know VB, so what specifically would you need to know? Do you just want to know what messages need to be sent back and forth?
  3. Well if no one does it by Christmas, I'll be able to since I'll have my new iBook then! But I'd like to see someone grab those pics before that.
  4. So where can we find the actual images from the OS X screen savers (beach shots, space, etc)? Then it will be complete
  5. ricky

    Bravo Jef

    this thread is kinda random, but i just thought i'd say that i love objectdock. i've been dealing with the not-so-usable windows task bar/start menu/task tray for so long now, that i forgot that it's possible to have an actual usable navigation system in an OS. objectdock has become a 100% permanent replacement for my taskbar... the only reason i ever unhide it is to get to the task tray icons and i have a feeling you'll think of something to resolve that issue that's all i really wanted to say... just general praise for a job well done.
  6. Hmmm... maybe I'm thinking of something different. Maybe what I'm thinking of is not the treeview but rather a column view or something. I'm thinking of that method of navigating through directories where when you click on one, the screen slides left and a new column with the contents of the new directory appears. Is that possible in windows?
  7. There's an MS treeview? How do I get my Open windows and Explorer and things like that to use treeview instead of the normal one?
  8. here's the icon... sorry for the fuzzyness... it was the best i could do resizing the one from the web page. i didnt feel like recreating it from scratch.
  9. I posted this to the other thread, but I'll post here again. Two bugs: 1) The magification effect kind of "skips" along when the mouse is moved quickly across the dock. Y'z and Moby's docks don't do this. The "Jump but fast" option prevents this, but is too, well, jumpy. 2) When using the Auto-hide option (mine is set at Re-show smoothly), the background image has a break in it on the left side when it re-shows. Since this is hard to explain, I'll just post a screenshot: See the left side? That happens as soon as the dock emerges from being hidden. After I roll the mouse ov
  10. My ObjectDock is taking up 35 megs of RAM and it doesn't affect me at all Of course, I recently upgraded to 640MB, so I'm sure that helps. Currently 291 used and 348 to spare. Everyone should really look into making RAM their next upgrade... it only cost me $61 for a new 512MB stick of PC-133 RAM, including shipping. Well worth the cost of, say, a PS2 game and lunch at McDonald's.
  11. Seems like most people (including myself) would be happy if, after you finish what you're working on now, you dropped everything and worked on AIM support. At least that way we'd actually use it. I personally never use MSN. I don't know anyone who uses MSN. I'd definitely use iTalk if it supported AIM though.
  12. Excellent. I upped it to 30 seconds instead of 1 second... 0% CPU usage now Now I can put back my RAM stat. Thanks!
  13. Posted it to the MyIE2 forum: I will work on the authentic-looking OS X IE skin next... it'll be at least a week before I get that done though. Finals are coming up
  14. ricky

    Ob .70 Here

    heh the new bounce animation is extra high to allow for it to be visible even when the dock is hidden... but it still does the extra high bounce when the dock isn't hidden. can you stop it from doing that?
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