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  1. it's not even just in the source code. Check out the "." after www.Macthemes.net at the bottom.
  2. My first for 2008: Matching iPod touch: here
  3. Is there a way a mask could be used, so the user can decide what kind of reflection is made? I like the leopard dock's reflection, but some people may like a faded one better. I'm really looking forward to the final product.
  4. ^No, the bottom buttons are lighter, and the Vista-like sidebar selection is like Leopard.
  5. how is it a myth? Either you go to the site and it does that, or it doesn't.
  6. DA | Non-DA Working on the Myre port. Slowly, but surely.
  7. I went out of my head today, trying to find the new icon. No luck. I guess friday will be a good day for us Windows users, too.
  8. I don't think so. That might be a wood effect, because the legs, or whatever you want to call them, don't have lines.
  9. When I saw this, I was reminded of the 20th Anniversary Mac -> Pics. People say this is the iMac's twin brther or something, but I'd say it's a hideous, Jay Leno look-a-like of a PC. Gateway should be ashamed for having no shame.
  10. Why should they be expected to make a different "mobile" OS?
  11. YTMND = You're the man now dog PTKFGS = Punch the keys for god's sakes RDF = Reality Distortion Field (a-la Steve Jobs) Now anyone that read this post is a geek.
  12. Keane- Under the Iron Sea, The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up, "iPod Man", Mika - Cartoon Motion, Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams, ????? It doesn't look like there is any order to the albums. I wonder if that means anything? Lol. Of course not.
  13. Why would anyone here be interested in posting their desktop for other people to see?
  14. I wish they would bring back the search bar from iTunes 5. I used the hell out of that thing.
  15. I don't have it yet, but when they get more in White, I'm buying this one: Here By the time I get it, it will contain: -Textbooks and Binder -iPod G5 (Black, 30GB) -Cellphone -House key -Other school stuff
  16. VW was going to partner up with windows, but too many test drivers died on account of the BSOD popping up on the windshield.
  17. poop on the genius bar. that should get a rise out of someone
  18. Apple is not going to make a "Coverflow" UI. A set of scrollbars isn't enough to inspire that kind of hope.
  19. That was really funny! I like the iPod Nano ad. No, they're being extremely generous.
  20. http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexisalex/1234148438/ I don't know what they did, but I actually like the menubar now. But, they seriously need to fix the dock, titlebar captions, and window shadows. Also, It might just be me, but the scrollbar looks a little funked up, too.
  21. It's not becoming more space themed. Time Machine, Spaces, and better performance/speed are three pretty big features to the OS, so the promotional material will refelect that. If you look at tiger stuff (DVD box, Welcome intro, Spotlight) you will realize the trend. There isn't a theme of darkness, and whatnot. I also don't get the fuss about "Coverflow scrollbars" they don't look that great. I much prefer Aqua.
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